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Oral IG (IVIG without needles) Has Anyone used this?

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My doctor wants us to try Oral IG. It is the IVIG used but not with needles, We are told to give him a childs does of Pepsid to stop stomach acid and the oral amount is small & given every other day for many months. It is expensive $600. a month and I am fully aware of that.


Background: My son is 3.5yrs old, and is in & out of being with us.He has some OCD, it used to be EXTREME. He talks some but not conversationally. He did 20 days of Cefdinir 2 different times. On both occasions he did speak conversationally. And permanently lost some of his worst OCD & separation anxiety symptoms. It was amazing!!! So his conversational speech & socialness did go awa when we stopped the Cefdinir. He has a bit of a yeast Candida battle going on since he was a baby & so we could not keep him on long term antibiotics. I give him Sacchamoyers Ballardii & FiveLac & Nystatin to help that battle and that does work BUT it is not enough when he is on antibiotics. and I am nervous about long term antibiotics with long term Fluconizole/Diflucan. IS that a true concern? The Candida problem is reason we are thinking very seriously about the Oral IG because if he had to be on antibiotics for a year or two I think it is not recommended to be on Diflucan that long.


I saw a post from doctor McChandless saying ORAL IG works well for some kids.


Are there any families out there that have had experience with Oral IG, Please let me know!!!



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We have tried over the counter IgG supplementation. I did not see any great improvements or set backs, but who knows what helps when it comes to this. After we finish the Buhner's anti-viral protocol, we will likely add this back in again to help the immune system since kiddo is proven IgG and IgA low.


My understanding is there is a prescription version as well, but our immuno feels that will only help if the issue is limited to the gut, not systemic.


I will try to post more later. Sorry super short on time right now.

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