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Found 4 results

  1. I've read on this forum that candida overgrowth can cause behavioral and psychiatric flare symptoms that can be mistaken for a typical PANDAS. And now, after several of these flares I'm starting to think what I thought of as PANDAS has really been Candida all along, or at least on several occasions. Questions-- 1) what are the behavioral/psychiatric symptoms associated with candida overgrowth? are they different than a strep induced PANDAS flare? 2) from my description, do you think she has candida, if not, what else could it be? 3) any treatment recommendations for candida overgrowth? DD6 was diagnosed with strep throat and PANDAS two years ago and had a remarkable turnaround after antibiotics and oral steroids, but no return to 100% baseline. She was then diagnosed with Lyme a year ago and we are taking the slow and steady approach to treating lyme with our LLMD. We are also treating PANDAS flares with oral steroids and now more recently with IV steroids (solumedrol), with the hope that she will not need repeated steroids in the future as the lyme dies off. Over the years she has on several occasions experienced acute episodes of: a red rectum, red vagina, agitation, anger, fears, separation anxiety, and sensory sensitivities - but coupled with normal perianal culture and normal urinalysis. All of this (perianal redness and aggitation, normal test results, etc.) came back with a vengeance following her recent IV steroid infusion. Im thinking its Candida. Any thoughts on it being something other than candida? Her Current Treatments Are-- GAPS Diet daily prophylactic amoxicillin Beyond Balance MC-BAR-1, MC-BB-1, MC-BAB-2, Mycoregen, MC-BFM-P, IMN-V-II DesBio Upper Respiratory Staph and Strep Klaire Labs Ther Biotic Complete, and Klaire Labs BioSpora Prescript Assist Probiotic Glutathione Tri Fortify orange Takesumi Supreme Thank You for any time spent reading and responding to this post, as I am second guessing my entire treatment plan for her right now.
  2. Hello everybody ! I'm so glad I found this forum and i've been researching about the candida overgrowth for the past week. I had a couple of question about the die-off reaction that people have when they start taking natural medication or Nystatin. I suspect my tics could be caused or increased because of this. My tics started to appear when I was in college after I had a huge yeast infection on my skin. Anxiety followed, chronic sleep, ocd etc. I also hae yeast infection down there that started happening a lot. I never had tics before, and it's only simple motor tics since it appeared (3 years now). I will be starting to take caprylic acid soon but i'm pretty scared of the die-off. I know it will probably make my current tics worse for a while, but i'm scared that it'll make new ones appear like vocal tics or more complex motor tics and that they won't ever go away (basically i'm scared of making my condition much worse than it is now forever). For people that went through it, do the new tics (if new one appeared) disappear after or did they stay ? After how many weeks/months did you see a decreased in current tics ? Thank you everyone !
  3. My doctor wants us to try Oral IG. It is the IVIG used but not with needles, We are told to give him a childs does of Pepsid to stop stomach acid and the oral amount is small & given every other day for many months. It is expensive $600. a month and I am fully aware of that. Background: My son is 3.5yrs old, and is in & out of being with us.He has some OCD, it used to be EXTREME. He talks some but not conversationally. He did 20 days of Cefdinir 2 different times. On both occasions he did speak conversationally. And permanently lost some of his worst OCD & separation anxiety symptoms. It was amazing!!! So his conversational speech & socialness did go awa when we stopped the Cefdinir. He has a bit of a yeast Candida battle going on since he was a baby & so we could not keep him on long term antibiotics. I give him Sacchamoyers Ballardii & FiveLac & Nystatin to help that battle and that does work BUT it is not enough when he is on antibiotics. and I am nervous about long term antibiotics with long term Fluconizole/Diflucan. IS that a true concern? The Candida problem is reason we are thinking very seriously about the Oral IG because if he had to be on antibiotics for a year or two I think it is not recommended to be on Diflucan that long. I saw a post from doctor McChandless saying ORAL IG works well for some kids. Are there any families out there that have had experience with Oral IG, Please let me know!!! Thanks,
  4. I came across this site today and thought it was timely, given recent discussions on probiotics, yeast and gut health http://heal-thyself.ning.com/profiles/blogs/overwhelmed-where-to-start There are tons of blogs here on diet, treating candida, making your own probiotics, how to interpret gut health from studying stools...lots of good stuff. The one thing I caution is that some of these posts are a few years old - long before 23andMe could tell anyone whether certain things were "good" or "bad" for them. One post raves about epsom salt baths and how they are a "must" for everyone. But if you have a CBS mutation, it's actually more of a "must avoid" as my DD can tell you, after emerging from baths I insisted would be helpful, her skin red and itchy from an OD of sulfur (oh, their therapists will have so much to talk about when they're grown). But in general, I found this to be a pretty realistic place - with more than one blogger acknowledging that not everything listed as a recommendation would be practical for every person. Worth checking out.
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