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Basic supplements for motor tics


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Hello everyone, I will be brief so you can read me without get bored.


I am 22 years old, had been with OCD and motor tics from 8 years old approximately, this tics are all about crushing joints and jaw clenching (my social hidden tic)


I live in a shitty comunist country, I am sure I know more about tics that doctors here


I don't want to get drugs, I am convinced to fight this from a comprehensive way


Supplements will be one of this ¿could you people help me with main and basics must I take? ( I will buy each one for separately because my country condition )


Thanks for all, this website and you people that are sharing expriencies here are tremendous helpful

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Hello Marce and welcome


I would suggest you read our Helpful Threads pinned to the top of this board and also so some searches on the forum to get ideas of what has helped others here.


It really depends on what is causing your tics and OCD as to what will be most helpful to you.

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Hello Chemar and thanks for the quick answer,


I did read a lot of helpfull threads already, including yours. I also read the book of natural treatment for tics and tourettes.


I am allergyc to dairy from child, so now I started avoiding anything dairy, including cheeses


My injury tics maybe related to OCD like you said in one post.



What do you think about this starting supplements?


B Complex

Magnesium tauretic 400mg

Calcium 800mg




Can I mix B complex with multivitaminic? That is one interrogant I have hehe


I know there are a lot of others supps, but because I am not recieving a doctor help I want to try just the more secure and basics one.

Anyway I am deportist, so this supps will help me also because I am not taking anything





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Hello there, I have to say I started with this supplements (Gave me some trouble to find the correct ones)


I added Inositol for OCD, because when I am in Obssesive tought twister I forget and stop my tics (maybe for the focus I apply on this toughts, or because are tics from ocd, I dont know)


Have 2 days on it and will wait a while to see how it goes, and post it here

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Hi Marce,


Just wondering how you are doing now that you have removed all dairy for a couple of weeks. Any improvement?


You said you read my book--good place to start! :) In addition to working on diet, I hope you have been able to get rid of scented things around the house. Any progress there?


Those supplements should be fine to take. We'll be interested to hear what you find with them.


Don't forget to avoid ALL artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Is that hard to do in your country?


I'm wondering --do you have other allergies that you know of besides dairy?


Good luck with your efforts. And thanks for joining the Forum!

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Hello Sheila, here in Venezuela we are a living a strong shortage right now, so just finding the general food is dificult itself. It is hard for me to find substitutes for butter and cheese, for example.

I am trying to eat healthy best I can, like avoiding junk food, sodas, candies, and that kind that harm our health anyway.


My tolerance to Taurine was very bad, with headaches and somnelence for 5 days so I stopped it. But I am very optimism because I know this is part of the proccess.


Multivitamic did not give me any side effect, now I will try it with B complex, see what happens and add later Magnesium and Calcium.


Congratulations for your work, a fighter women to be proud for sure. thanks It is my pleasure!

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