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  1. Hello there, I am 23 years old and 140 pounds. I've been trying to stop my motor tics and anxiety for years. I am taking royal jelly as supp, and will start taking this Magnesium Taurate but I am not sure about the dosage, could you give me a hand? It is 1250mg of Magnesium Taurate per tablet, and have a recommended dosage of 2 tablets per day (2500mg). But I have read on this forum that average dosage is around 500mg so it looks like to much of it per day. Breaking a tablet in half and taking 625mg per day could be ok? Or should I break it in 3 parts to take 416mg daily? http://www.
  2. Hello people, is Magnesium Gluconate a good type of magnesium for tics reduction? It is hard for me in my country to find good supps, all I have found is Magnesium Oxide and I know for this forum it is very bad absorbed, but what about this Gluconate one that I also found? Thanks
  3. Hello Sheila, here in Venezuela we are a living a strong shortage right now, so just finding the general food is dificult itself. It is hard for me to find substitutes for butter and cheese, for example. I am trying to eat healthy best I can, like avoiding junk food, sodas, candies, and that kind that harm our health anyway. My tolerance to Taurine was very bad, with headaches and somnelence for 5 days so I stopped it. But I am very optimism because I know this is part of the proccess. Multivitamic did not give me any side effect, now I will try it with B complex, see what happens
  4. Hello there, I have to say I started with this supplements (Gave me some trouble to find the correct ones) I added Inositol for OCD, because when I am in Obssesive tought twister I forget and stop my tics (maybe for the focus I apply on this toughts, or because are tics from ocd, I dont know) Have 2 days on it and will wait a while to see how it goes, and post it here
  5. Hello Chemar and thanks for the quick answer, I did read a lot of helpfull threads already, including yours. I also read the book of natural treatment for tics and tourettes. I am allergyc to dairy from child, so now I started avoiding anything dairy, including cheeses My injury tics maybe related to OCD like you said in one post. What do you think about this starting supplements? B Complex Magnesium tauretic 400mg Calcium 800mg Multivitaminic Can I mix B complex with multivitaminic? That is one interrogant I have hehe I know there are a lot of others s
  6. Hello everyone, I will be brief so you can read me without get bored. I am 22 years old, had been with OCD and motor tics from 8 years old approximately, this tics are all about crushing joints and jaw clenching (my social hidden tic) I live in a shitty comunist country, I am sure I know more about tics that doctors here I don't want to get drugs, I am convinced to fight this from a comprehensive way Supplements will be one of this ¿could you people help me with main and basics must I take? ( I will buy each one for separately because my country condition ) Thanks for all,
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