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Update on Pandas son now 9 yrs old

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DS was diagnosed with Pandas in March 2011. Had IVIG after having initial symptoms which began in Dec 2010. After IVIG flares were slowing down. It took time - about a year - for DS to catch up on social behaviors and learning. At age 11 today he is 95% better. He is on Azithromycin every day (3 ml) and has had very few flares. DS still has minor OCD issues but it is manageable. DS will say "mom you know I have to do this twice, or I have to make it equal. ". So we smile at one another because it's still a part of him that he and I both recognize is part of the after effects of his Pandas.


He is finally back to being a normal child and I so proud of all his accomplishments.


Parents, it does get better it just comes in small steps!

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