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Can a child tic ONLY while sleeping?


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Last night was a rough night at my house. My oldest son was complaining that he has a new tic that involves his ring finger and pinky finger jerking making him want to pull on them. Ok, so I am thinking where are the supplements I ordered. Not here yet. I am about to start the Peter Gillhams Magnesium supplement to try to aid in his "break through" tics. So instead he wants to sleep in my room to help him go to sleep. That means that my middle son comes in also to sleep.


Well, what I notice is that as soon as they go to sleep, #2 son starts making this noise in his throat and he pretty much does it off and on all night. Then I start to think about it and I realize that he has done that pretty much every time he comes in there for a long time.


So my question is, am I paranoid, or is this some kind of night time tic? What else could it be? I can not imagine that it is some allergy drainage or something. Really wierd. He is asthmatic, but is on medication and all of that is currently under control. This has been going on for some time, I just never made the connection until last night as I lay there thinking of my oldest sons new tic and listening to my middle son and thinking, wow that really sounds like a tic, I wonder.....


I just wondered if anyone had ever heard of children who only tic during sleep. He has always had some anxiety issues about sleep and would love to sleep in our bed all the time, but I manage to keep him and his brother together in their room most nights. Occasionally I am weak, and give in and the whole clan ends up in one bed, that is when I notice it. Anyway, just thought I would ask the experts. Please let me know what you think. Thanks.



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Hello Dedee

I'm new around here but I wanted to respond to your post. My little guy always wants to sleep with us too. Either that or I have to lay down with him in his room till he falls asleep. Then he just shows up during the night or the wee hours anyway! (I confess, I kind of like it too--so cuddly!)


As to the noise you say you hear at night, my son did that for a time this past summer, (which is when his vocal ummm had cleared away. However, I did still hear a little squeak and low hum while he was going to sleep. That didn't bother me tho, I was so greatful he wasn't doing it during the day anymore. (although

we have recently had another flair with that, he doesn't really do that noise at night anymore.) Does your son suck his thumb? Mine does at night in bed, and also holds a blankie, so if that's the case, he may be the type that may make that little noise to sort of comfort himself as he falls asleep. The only other thing I can think of is if you say he has asthma, maybe your bedding is not friendly to him, and you may need to use some hypoallergenic dustmite covers or something. It cant't hurt. Also, do you have a pet that sleeps in the room or under the bed? You might have to clean under there more often.


Just brainstorming, I don't think tics are common while totally asleep, but just my thought. I wouldn't worry too much if he's not doing anything during the day. How old are your boys?

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have you ever noticed your son making those noises when he sleeps in his own room?


In the case of TS tics, sleep is usually a time of total respite from tics.

I am wondering if, especially as you say your son has asthma, there is something in your room that is triggering an allergic respiratory reaction?


newer carpet, paint, woodwork, perfumes, dust, any kind of chemical cleaning agents, pesticides, FEATHER pillows etc etc??

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Yes, kids do tic in their sleep.

I remember reading many posts from years by gone kids continue to tic in their sleep.

My child use to grind his teeth and click his tongue in his sleep.

Now it is mostly clicking sound but rarely it occurs.


This come about as we built confidence around him. Couple of years ago we enrolled him in Martial Arts..

each year as he is able to pass the test(by breaking board) ..then each night he has less nightmares.

If you read my old posts, nightmares and lack of confidence was a major issue for my child.


He is lot more confident now. It also coincide with his waning of tics..

Needless to say it is a factor just a factor in his diet and other supplements he has taken for the course

of the years have helped.


It takes patience when dealing with tics...elimination diet takes months(more than 2) to see result.


Probiotics are usually taken to heal the gut also.


Sorry to ramble on.


Like Faith said..it does not bother me as much since he is not doing it day time and most important of

all it does not hurt his sleep. He sleeps about 10 hours a night and he is 7 years old.



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I just wanted to add, if it is a clicking sound, I read in the Doris Rapp "Is this your child" book that one or two kids did that and found that milk (dairy) was the culprit. I always felt that milk causes mucous in the throat/esophogus, so maybe you could try that for a week or two.

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Thank you all for your input. I never thought about whether he does it in his room. I will try to check some night, if I can ever get him back in there. :P That only makes sense. I am trying not to worry as overall he is a pretty good kid. His issues are mostly about sleep, and he just can't let go of something once he gets started on it. He will ask the same question over and over till you think you will scream. I have always said he is like a dog with a bone once he gets started on something. Also, mild anxiety, but nothing as bad as his older brother. I may try eliminating the dairy and see if this helps them both. Thanks everyone.



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