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Need help with GABA


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My son, 10 years old, has done urine test for neurotransmitters recently. We found that he was basically very high on Glutamate, Dopamine, Norepinephrine, and Epinephrine, but low on GABA. Doctor said in order to bring those down and bring GABA back to normal, he needs to have GABA 700mg once a day and then increase up to 700mg twice a day for a year long .


I learned from this forum that taking GABA long term is not good. Therefore, I would like to ask if it is okay to take it for a year to see if his neurotransmitters back to normal range?


If taking GABA for 1 year is not good, what is the longest length of time he can takes?


Thank you for advice!



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this really is something you need to talk to your doctor about. GABA may be a supp but it is a very potent one!


We were told by our physician that GABA should be gradually added, maintained for a period and then gradually titrated down...never started abruptly at high dose and never ended without titration down. We were advised not to use it long term.


my son was not taking it due to a deficiency but rather to aid with anxiety and some OCD related issues that elevating his serotonin alone was not sufficient for


I am told that PharmaGABA is a newer and much better supplement, but not sure of long term use, especially in kids. Again that is something to take advice from your doctor on.



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Thank you Chemar. I will be careful about the use of GABA. My doctor never mentioned this to me.


You said GABA should be gradually added, and maintained for a period, then gradually titrated down. So what is the starting dosage you would suggest? How long do you think I should maintain this GABA for my son? How much should I titrated down when ending GABA? Will GABA elevate serotonin?


Thank you so much!



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you really need to discuss dose with your doctor. Because GABA is both an amino acid and a neurotransmitter, the dose depends on the individual's needs and biochemistry.


We were told to titrate up and down the same way that people do on SSRI medications.


As far as I know, whereas serotonin increases GABA, GABA does not actively increase serotonin.


There are studies that suggest GABA can increase Human Growth Hormone so that may be the reason for the caution in not using it longterm in kids especially?


I was told the PharmaGABA is best in terms of delivery as most oral GABA does not cross the BBB and therefore needs to be increased via synthesis methods


I really suggest again your discuss all this with the doctor.

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