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Multivitamin issue

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Has anyone ever had tics re start with a multi when it previously was fine?


DS 6 was on the Thorne research childrens multi for 4weeks before we ran out and then there was a week he had without it while waiting on more and during that week he was even more vocally minimal. I didn't think much of it until we re started the multi and some vocals came back. I decided to take him off it about a week later to se if there would be any changes and by the 4th day the vocals went and only happen a couple of times a day if all at.


Is it possible he just doesn't need them anymore? I haven't been able to have an appt yet with our enviro dr so not sure on the results for Pyroluria but i think i read that if he in fact has this then copper which is in the multi could be an issue.....? It also contains iron.


Any thoughts?

Thanks Vanessa

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I got his dad one of their multi's without copper and iron but they dont make any other kids multi's without it and wasn't sure what qty to put ds on of the adults :/


Ahh i really need to get all these test results back!

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A similar thing happened to my ds. We started him on a high dose multi, borage oil, p -5-p, a probiotic and magnesium citrate and a yeast eradicater per our enviro md. We also started him on a gfcf, no cane sugar, no artificial/preservative diet at the same time. We noticed improvement right away with the supplements. After a month or so his improvement stabilized at a certain level (about 75% improvement) . After another month of this i noticed his tics increasing after i gave him his supplements each day so i stopped all of them except the probiotic. I saw another 10% improvement.( I have to add that his multi is iron and copper free.)

He stabilized here for a few weeks then we saw another 5% improvement. We started him on king chorella for metals (he was slightly high in arsenic, nickle, aluminum) and a molybdenum supplement as he was deficient in that trace mineral. Since then we have seen another 10% or so in improvement. He ticced maybe 10 times or less all day yesterday. Bed time was always the worst time for him and last night he ticced maybe 3 times in bed. We started him bavk on his regular childrens multi and he seems fine with it. I was thinking it wss maybe diet. With his improved diet - he is a great eater - eats s very good varietyof all healthy goods- maybe his body just does not need high doses of vitamins /supplements anymore. I am so happy yet scared at the same time. I am gluten /casein intolerant. I have read this is higjly genetic. I am hoping that is what was causing ds 's tics/adhd/anxiety and the new diet is working.

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