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NIMH says "Out with the DSM!"

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Wow and double-wow. This is huge news. Coincidentally I had just finished an article on this very topic: http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/books/2013/05/book_of_woe_the_dsm_and_the_unmaking_of_psychiatry_by_gary_greenberg_reviewed.2.html


I think it is long overdue that the public interest be served by federally funded research on the brain and not by research funded by the pharmaceutical industry. The office of our child psych is filled with knickknacks from drug companies - zoloft paper-weights, risperdal pens, abilify notepads! i don't think all those rep-sponsored lunches and goodie bags and who knows what else, can have NO effect on diagnoses and prescribing.


Thanks for this interesting update!



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Yes, pr40! Beyond the issue of dx codes for payment-- it's absurd that insurance companies can ignore NIMH's standards of care for a condition and instead defer to their own "sources." NIMH should take a stronger position and push the issue more.

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