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I finally found a dr!

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I'm so happy i'm crying!!


I think i've finally found a dr who can help me work things out for my son.....I hope. I don't know that he has experience with tics or ts but he does do nutritional, environmental and psychological medcine!


I'm hoping he can help with the candida issue as well as allergies, diet etc


He is in our capital city though (Brisbane) so we will have to travel to see him. Thankfully he had an afternoon appt the same day we fly down (june 5th) to see a Neurologist.


http://nemq.com.au/index.php - for anyone in Australia who may be searching for this kind of Dr :)

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Great news! Having someone working for you who knows what you're dealing with is a true gift. We got lots of help from an environmental practice, too. They cared, they listened, they were willing to do different tests, to look at different things, etc. They didn't just think outside the box -- they were outside the box. Everything our traditional dr. was not.


Continued luck!


- Chris

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Hi Vanessa, I hope Dr. Woodbridge can come up with the answers you need for your son. It would be great to have more doctors that can be recommended for families in Australia; it can be so hard to find help.


I haven't seen all your posts but did see one asking about vocal tics. Please keep in mind that in addition to nutritional/dietary issues, and typical inhalant allergens and pets, chemicals in the environment are sometimes responsible for tics, including vocal tics which were mentioned in an early post of yours.


If you have not done this, when a new tic starts up, you could try to figure out if any new exposure may have occurred at home, school, or elsewhere--for example, in personal products, formaldehyde in new furniture or pressed board cabinets, outgassing of plastics in a new car, paint, chlorine, new carpeting, scented candles etc. These are just some examples--so many things can be a trigger once someone is hypersensitive. Parents have reported tic reactions to all of these, and toxins can definitely set off vocal tics.


In any event, I hope you will keep us posted on how things go with your son's appointment in June! Sheila

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Thank you Sheila :)


We have just stopped my sons weekly swimming lessons because he asked for a break and also the chlorine factor until i can get tests done, We have changed to all natural cleaning products, no perfumes, sprays, candles in the home etc and am keeping dust levels down.


I feel like we are on the right track but just need that bit of help with testing etc which i do hope Dr Woodbridge can help with especially when it comes to the candida/leaky gut possibility. I read all through his website and about his special built office and those he works with and it all sounded just like what i was after. Is there any actual Dr's recommended in Australia?


will definitely keep you all posted.

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