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Clostridia/Probiotics Question

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S&S- do you use Oxy powder capsules on your kids? 2-3? Thanks (forgive me if I asked you this before).

I am getting confused by all the different screen names.

For constipation, my favorite is:
Oxy Powder Capsules

2-3 before bedtime. It was also highly recommended by our former famous DAN! Dr.
You HAVE to get the bowels moving.
All the infections and toxins are backing up back into the body.
I love Oxy Powder capsules.

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Yes- with success. But never more than 1-2 a night. If she hasn't gone in 2 maybe 3 days, I will give 2 caps before bedtime.

She weighs about 56 pounds.

The instructions on the bottle call for more capsules-

IMO, not necessary-

when I use it, twice the weight as dd, I also never use more than 2 caps a night.

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You can also use Alinia for C- diff ~ by prescription - not cheap if your insurance does not cover it. Easier than taking Vacomycin, as its not so hard on their systems.

FLorostar can cause behaviors in some kids. A good Probiotic high powered without strep in it, also needed.

But you do need to keep the Bowels moving, like mentioned already.

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