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  1. Mycoplasma treatment question

    Glad your getting relief, enjoy the improvments! Biaxan ( usually used for Mycoplasma ?) You need to make sure she is moving her Bowels 2-3 times a day, Extra Vit C, Magnesium, High dose Probiotics Re check lab results once a month on the mycoplasma - sometimes it can take 2-4 months to clear up. Lyme and PANDAS ~ seem to be both connected, treating one thing at a time. The OCD, you may want to use some supportive supplements, like IP6 Inositol , there are others that help too, a little 5 HTP - daily to help with moods, Pro EFA's, etc..
  2. Have you considered Alinia for the C- diff? What about using other Probiotics instead of the Culturelle too? Vitamin C , Magnesium, Castor oil cap, together to move bowels? Even Castor oil Packs on the Stomach area with a heating pad for 20 mins, before bedtime.
  3. Natural Calm?

    There is also Calms Forte, by Hylands. Its a homeopathic remedy not too expensive, found in healthfood stores. Follow directions on the box can be used every day, no side effects or issues with daily use.
  4. Yes, many of our kids really lyme induced autism/ ADD/ADHD, etc.. And with the vaccines that really throws them over the cliff. Change in diet can help, treating the parasites, as well as bio film for the gut treatment. Some even use digestive enzymes and that really helps too. This is mult. layers and it will take time, patience, probably not going to school is a good idea right now, that may already have happened. Pouring heavy drugs down our kids doesn't work, too many systems are a mess and don't even process correctly. Some naturals can be used to help along the way too. I don't even want to estimate a time that this could take to clear up, each child is different. You may want to get a "Earthing pad " to put on the bed, to help healing too. Think there is even a bio mat thats out, but not sure what its called. Get all the support you can get to help. Also have you been tested for any lyme coinfections? Or anyone else in the house?
  5. I wanted to just mention that if you son has had vaccines, the Tumeric/curcumin is still very helpful regarding the viral issues from vaccines. You may want to watch DR Tent on You tube, its a long video but very informative. Sorry I don't know enough about MAO-A off the top of my head
  6. Clostridia/Probiotics Question

    You can also use Alinia for C- diff ~ by prescription - not cheap if your insurance does not cover it. Easier than taking Vacomycin, as its not so hard on their systems. FLorostar can cause behaviors in some kids. A good Probiotic high powered without strep in it, also needed. But you do need to keep the Bowels moving, like mentioned already.
  7. PANS and lyme (?) help

    The IVIG will help support her immune system. I guessing your doing lots of High powered Probiotics while doing the antibx currently? What about Alinia, have you ever used that ? The antibx's you are currently using may not be what she needs for her lyme disease, so thats a coin toss. What happens if you stop them? Does she get worse? She needs supportive supplements, Magnesium several times a day. What other supplements are you using? Acai is a good antiox to use several times a day. Elytrolyte water to drink as well during the day, sodium levels/ potasiumm all needs to be kept up in normal ranges. What are her Vitamin D3 levels? Those numbers need to be in the higher normal range. Need to probably go Gluten Free with the Lyme disease, and No GMO foods! Get off Milk products too. Can you start doing some smoothies, juicing raw friuts and veggies, its really important with lyme to get the good enzymes. I would also encourage doing digestive enzymes with all meals, as her bio film is probably already in need of help being on antibxs. For OCD, what about using IP6 Inosine? Niacine too? ( I don't know the dosage for Niacine but it helps OCD a lot). IP6 needs to be gradually added in over the course of ten days or so. Start at 500 mgs in morning, 3-4 days then add 500mgs at bedtime then add 500 mgs at lunch time after a few days on it, and the max per day is 2,000 mgs. You could also get a homeopathic remedy called Calms forte by Hylands - its not expensive and give it to her 15 mins away from food before or after. Sometimes you need 3-4 tablets at a time. They can be crushed and added to water. No side effects or harmful affects taking this sometimes or all the time. All this can be found at the healthfood store
  8. Antibx's can cause sleep issues. Are you also giving Probiotics - high powered ones? And also added Magnesium? Antibx's lower Magnesium levels.
  9. Newbie

    IF you can have your child tested for Methlyation problems, this makes everything much easier to treat, and the body will kick in to help heal faster. ( wished I had known this years ago, would have saved my child from so much distress, and lost years.). Treating for yeast is tricky if you use Duflcan some kids have a hard time with it, due to their geno mapping and methlyation markers. Here is a list to help you find someone in your state, or close to you. http://www.mthfrsupport.com/find-a-practitioner.html
  10. Is lyme contagious?

    Anymore I think anyone and everyone in the USA could have Lyme disease/ co infections. Its how healthy your immune system is. The Vaccines for sure throw your child over the cliff if they were born with lyme disease. Its just too much for their systems to handle and all the toxic metals, viruses just wreck havoc on their tiny systems, and undeveloped Neuro system. I have heard that staff working in a Lyme DR's office, were all without any symptoms of Lyme, within months of working in the office around all the lyme pts coming in, they developed lyme too. The DR felt like its even airbourne! It can be passed through not only sexual contact probably less rare but salvia, and tears as well. So give yourself a break and leave guilt at the door about who could have passed it on to the babies, and center your life on the healing.
  11. Lab 257 Plum Island book

    The pt's sick with Lyme and co infections are much sicker in the USA than they are in other countries. I have heard this spoken by some of the top DR's on this subject and it has to be a combination of the two punch Plum Island and the Vaccines. I would go so much to add, our diets here in the USA; way too much fast food, Chem Trails, Chem spraying, Elec smog, cell phones, etc... At least in some other countries they have banned Monsanto from taking over their seed for crops. Some states have already passed laws that all food must be labeled if its GMO ~ VT? maybe, CA next?
  12. Dr. K in Seattle

    What about either of these DR's in CT, DR J who knows lyme/ PANDAS very well Or DR C. who is wonderful and uses combinations of homeopathic's, herbs, antibx's and more. I have heard her speak many times, and think this DR is really on top of it. Also has a son who was very sick with lyme and he is well now. This DR can also do Skype! *Seen DR K, in WA. Has some good things, but is not available after your appt for phone calls, that to me is a big issue for follow up care. I don't know any parent who has gone to him, who has been cured of whatever he was treating them for. Maybe made some improvements. He's big on giving the same protocol use for all patients, so it was sounding to me like a cookie cutter treatment plan. You can google him and find his protocols online if interested.
  13. belching a lot

    Not sure why the bubbling with belching. Yeast maybe? Can you discuss with the DR about this? Are you still doing the biofilm protocol ( for 5 months?).
  14. Yeast and Clostridia

    Sorry - I seem to have lots of questions today. What is SBC? Who's OAT test did you run, and which specific test? Thanks so much. You can use Alinia for C- diff and lots of Probiotics. I probably would take a break from the antibx's to clear this up and regain some balance. Alinia can be pricey, you may want to contact a Pharmacy in Canada - run a google for one. If your insurance won't cover it. Probably a few months could help. Used to be they cost $1.50 a pill ( which you could crush and add to yogurt. You might want to use some liver support as well, Milk Thistle herb.
  15. I have heard from the Lyme DR if your on antibx's you need to take extra Magnesium as it gets depleted while taking antibx's. What about the topical magnesium oil, some use it and apply it after bathing when the skin is still damp. There some thinking that lyme eats up the magnesium if taken orally.