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Twitching, spasms, and muscle tightening

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I have came here lots of times for help for my son Cade who is dx. Aspergers and Tourettes. Anyhow, I still need help with that situation, but now I am asking for help with my own body.

Back in March 2010 I noticed a tightening of muscles and tingling in my hands and feet. I had been out drinking for a party (I seldom drink and never more than a couple) so figured it was something due to having too many. It happened again in April as we had the wedding. We had a 7 hour drive home and the whole way I had the tingling in my hands and feet that gradually moved up to my arms and legs. I told my husband as it was driving me nuts. I just felt like I needed to move. Anyhow, shortly thereafter I also developed a twitch in my face on the left chin/cheek area. I mentioned it to my chiropractor who thought it might have been a pinched nerve. I also went to my family doctor and she ran some tests and said everything looked fine. So, after a few weeks it still hadn't resolved. Chiropractor sent me to a neurologist who ordered 4 MRI's, EKG, and x-rays. I went to the appt. took some medicine he gave me for being claustrophobic. On the last scan I awoke and moved so they had to redo part of the scan. It was aweful! My back hurt so badly laying on the board and I couldn't handle the pain any longer. Anyway, test results came back with no MS or other neuro. disorder. I do have some dissecation of the disks and one that is showing wear. There was something on the EKG that looked like Lou Gehrig's but I don't have the symptoms of LG so he said it wasn't the case. I do have a change in grey matter. So, then the neuro did some nerve tests...ouch! He said I do have some minor nerve damage in my back. He wants to continue checking everything out to find out. I want to find out too, but I'm also a bit scared. I am only 35!


The twitches are still happening and I really only notice them when I am sitting still. The muscle tightening is also still occurring all over body. Right now sitting here typing, my arms and legs feel like I need to get up and move. I have a lot of knee, back, and joint pain. I take Carlson fish oil, vit E, Ginger, calcium, b12, b6 and chaste tree.


I have also previously been to chiro who does the testing and recommended some of these supplements for symptoms of mood swings, irritability, weight gain, dry skin, brain fogginess. I notice a huge difference with using the fish oil for joint pain. Vit. E was recommended by dermatologist for extremely dry skin. I have been tested for thyroid issues in the past too and saw an endo. who said I didn't have thyroid issues like the dr. said I did.


So there is my story. Do any of you have suggestions? I hear a lot about leaky gut and candida. I did the morning spit test and my spit looked like a tornado in the water....seriously! It was a funnel of stringy matter. I didn't notice any specks. Is this candida? Or is this some kind of tic? Do tics develop latter in life?


thanks for any help!


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It sounds like you most definitely are a candidate for having leaky gut caused by candida. I too suffered from (and still do to some degree) twitches, muscle spasms, muscle cramps, joint pain, episodes of brain fog among a few others. I noticed a significant improvement in most of my symptoms when I started an anti-candida supplement and dietary plan. I used the McCombs Plan at www.mccombsplan.com but there are many out there that you can do. The reason your joint pain is responding to the fish oil is because oil is a natural anti-fungal (which candida is). Now the reason for the twitches is not directly because of the candida. The twitches are most likely the result of developing food sensitivities because of the leaky gut. The big hitters or most sensitive foods for me were gluten, dairy and soy. I had become sensitive to many things that are unavoidable as well such as salt, and a few vitamins. I'm currently seeing a practitioner who uses NAET to clear allergies and sensitivities and am having success so far. You'll have to stick to a special diet for a minimum of 6 months and load up on supplements to aid your body in repairing the damage to your intestine walls that candida has caused, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm personally going through this now, so feel free to ask me any questions you might have. I hope this helps... Good luck.

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where I agree that you may have problems with leaky gut and candida etc, it seems very clear from the test results that your physicians have run that you are also dealing with neurological symptoms as a result of the nerve damage found. It can only be helpful to try to clear candida and heal your gut, but I dont think it is realistic to see this as *the* issue at this time, as your testing indicates a neurological problem.


Try to continue to add dietary and supplemental agents that are healing to the nervous system as well. You have a good start with what you are already taking. Do some searches here and on Google for others.


I hope the follow up testing shows it to be improving

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