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Found 9 results

  1. This popped into my social media feed today, and I thought it was very interesting. http://mentalfloss.com/article/65710/9-nervy-facts-about-vagus-nerve
  2. Cytokines and inflammation are discussed! "There are several ways in which a severe reaction to airborne allergens might tip the scales for someone at risk for suicide, but here’s one. When a speck of pollen from the air comes into contact with immune cells in the nose, the cells release cytokines—molecules that cells use to communicate messages to one another. Postolache and others believe cytokines might drift through the nose to enter the brain. There, the cytokines might disrupt the brain’s delicate chemical soup, shifting the balance from feel-good chemicals to toxic ones that may trigg
  3. Another neat summation via Mental Floss: http://mentalfloss.com/article/65710/9-nervy-facts-about-vagus-nerve
  4. A few of us have discussed the vagus nerve before. This popped up in my FB feed this morning. http://mentalfloss.com/article/65710/9-nervy-facts-about-vagus-nerve
  5. The Chronic Lyme Disease Summit http://chroniclymediseasesummit.com/ is a free online conference starting today. There are many great speakers and topics lined up, and I encourage anyone still looking for answers, even if you've ruled out Lyme or don't think it's a possibility, to check it out. Much of it will be relevant to PANDAS/PANS, whether or not Lyme is involved. Speakers include Dr. Horowitz, Lee Cowden, Scott Forsgren (Better Health Guy), Kenneth Stoller, and Joseph Mercola, just to name a few. Topics include mitochondrial dysfunction, brain conditions, stress and emotiona
  6. DS (18) is doing well behaviorally, academically, emotionally, etc. He's developed a physical symptom, however, that we're having trouble identifying. We're actually planning to make a doctor's appointment in the morning, but wondered in the meantime if any of you have come across a similar issue? DS's arms and trunk have taken on a pinkish tone, and when you press down, you get the white spots where your fingertips had applied pressure, and they last a few seconds before the pinkish tone returns. Interestingly enough, while his arms, stomach and back all display the same reaction, t
  7. HI Everyone, I wanted to share something that I believe has really helped my teenage son. During a flare he gets intrusive thoughts (and in a non-functioning fog), can't sleep, urinates frequently and has one tic. Out of a flare, he doesn't have these symptoms. We just finished IVIG about 8 weeks ago (and he had a 2 week flare in there). . Motrin and Tylenol (and to some extent the one time with did prednisone) don't seem to help during a flare ... I think those antibodies have reared their ugly heads and it takes 2-4 weeks to go down. However......good news and want to share it wit
  8. I really did not understand what this was until I made the connect with another post. When my son became sick back in December 2010, I kept taking him back to the doctor because of a severe headache. The next symptom was the scalp pain and then his symptoms kept getting worse after each illness. On a recent test, the Kynurenic Acid showed up high and out of range 22.1 normal range (10.6-19.7) My son's worse symptoms are his headache and scalp pain. So I'm having a hard time of understanding why an immunologist doctor will not do some more testing in this area or is this a neurologist field. Th
  9. DS, 13, was a total crab tonight. He just wanted to argue about everything and no it is not typical teenager behavior. His cheeks were very red and his face just looks puffy, especially around the eyes. He is a big boy, so I gave him 600 mg of Advil and the redness went down but the irritability remained. We are scheduled to see Dr. J and Dr. B on the 15th of this month. If this trend continues, how will I make it to the 15th? His scrip of Augmentin ran out about a week ago and could not be refilled because we had not seen the Dr. since October. He is still taking his allergy meds, Bia
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