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  1. Mattie, your post caught my eye because written language disabilities can be some of the most difficult to deal with in school. Since you say he is bright, tell his parent to ask the school to evaluate him. If he is determined to have a significant difference between his IQ and his writing skills, he may qualify for special accomodations. There are two main concerns with written language problems. One is that, as you have found, the student avoids work--or does persist but receives discouraging grades because of poor penmenship and/or poor language skills. (And when their work is sl
  2. Bailey--how is the Clonidine working for your son? Re: your questions, Dr. Robbins is an osteopathic physician (Doctor of Osteopathy). The MSPH is for Masters in Public Health. DOs in the States take the same medical boards as MDs. Originally there were more holistically oriented (many still are) but many others can't be distinguished from MDs in the way they practice. The criteria is a bit different in the UK. Preventive medicine is just what it sounds like--promoting wellness to avoid illness. And environmental medicine is a type of medical approach where MDs and DOs focus on findi
  3. Susan--I saw your reply was in the guest set for Dr. Robbins--he must have overlooked it before we closed and archived the set so we moved it here. You may know that bacopa is an Ayurvedic herb from India. It is supposed to have antioxidant qualities and calm the nerves, possibly improving attention as well. But there is little research on it. There are also, from what I have read, no reported side-effects--but that could be in part because it is not carefully monitored and not widely used in the West. I would ask the natural food store to show you information on it if they are recom
  4. Hi--sorry none of us got back to you on this earlier. Usually alternatives, especially ones without research to back them up-- such as NAET--don't stand up in court against mainstream medicine. Those who have tried it know how difficult it is to pursue natural approaches versus taking standard medications, and your ex-wife has, for whatever reasons, chosen this road. Your son needs to know that you will support him no matter how this ends up. I can imagine your frustration, given the family history and your success with alternatives, but hopefully you can shield your son from this frustra
  5. Kim, When I read your letter I thought of a child I know who had many of the symptoms you mentioned including tics, OCD, touching hot things and screaming --not the physical flips as far as I know though (that must be rough). Not that many kids do the touching of hot things, which must be so distressing for you, and have always remembered that case. His OCD, TS, touching hot things, and screaming were brought under control with environmental medicine and nutrient therapy. (You can read some about envir. med. under Dr. Robbins guest section). All of Jan's suggestions are excellent
  6. Debbie had some good ideas--and yes, all those conditions can be related to a systemic yeast condition. It may be just part of the total picture, but definitely worth exploring. It would be worth your while to get one of Dr. William Crook's books on the "Yeast Connection." They are easy to find--just call around to stores. They contain many helpful recommendations too numerous to summarize. Diet is a big factor. The nystatin mentioned requires a prescription, and there are other Rx options if indeed that type of treatment is required, so would consider going to a doctor who handles
  7. Gina--you can send me an email (I don't have your address) about the name of a doctor. Sheila@Latitudes.org Am not suggesting your son be off milk longterm, just long enough for you to see if it makes a difference--a few weeks maybe. The doctor you go to will be able to give nutritional recommendations. In the meantime you could go to www.kirkmanlabs.com and search "calcium" if you do end up taking him off long term. They make hypoallergenic products--so you don't have to worry about reactions to additives in the their nutrients with that label. There are of course other foods that
  8. Gina--You can look at www.aaem.com or www.acam.org for referrals for doctors who may be able to help you. In the meantime, in addition to the dietary changes you have made, try taking him totally off milk and all artificial colors. And get rid of all scented products in the home. Have you had a chance to read Dr. Robbins guest responses? Where do you live? Sheila
  9. Paula, There's a book by Jonathan Wright, MD: Why Stomach Acid is Good for You. He recommends HCl for several conditions when people have lower than normal gastric acid secretion. The book has suggestions for administration and monitoring (says its use should be closely monitored by a knowledgeable physician) as well as on other issues. Dr. Wright indicates HCl should not be taken with anti-inflammatory medication. Is the protocol helping so far? Best wishes, Sheila
  10. To Day by Day, Sorry that I just saw your message! A chart where students lose privileges can be a great concept. Some people think it is more realistic than having kids expect rewards for acceptable behavior. In this type of chart, you determine events that can be treated as privileges each day, and the child loses the privilege if they make poor choices in their behavior. As in other charts, for the best success you have to focus on one or two clear behaviors (not something vague like "Be good.") Let's say at school the parents and teacher decide to focus on Mary not speaking out witho
  11. Tanya, thanks for the note on the behavior charts. Am glad they have been of help. We plan to have new ones everytime we send out our e-newsletter (ACN Today) which is every couple of months. We try to fulfill requests for special types of charts, so if there is something in particular that you need, let us know and we will do our best to have it for you. Sheila
  12. Hi! Thanks very much for taking part in our new forum. We are just getting it started--please spread the word on it! I hope those of you dealing with TS will take a minute to complete our anonymous survey on triggers for tics. Please click on the following link to access the survey: Triggers Survey. It really does just take two minutes, and your responses will help many others. We will be sharing the results in January on the site and in our publications. Sheila
  13. Jim--please watch for an email from me. Sheila
  14. David, I would agree with smilemona. As a school psychologist for many years, I saw that 504 plans were rarely initiated by school staff. Usually it was the parent who requested it rather than the school offering it. For readers who aren't familiar with them, 504 plans allow for special accomodations in the classroom. For a child with an attention problem these could range from sitting near the teacher to having more time on tests. A set of options is usually available at the school. But a team, of which the parents should be part, usually decides on whether a 504 is warranted, and then w
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