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  1. HI, My son had a few pet scans under neuroresearch, he was lightly sedated. He was also off all meds for 3 weeks previous to having scan done. Hope this helps.
  2. HI, Internet yahoo news clip about family cannot afford medical care for child with dx Conversion Disorder Symptoms, tics, ocd, etc http://abcnews.go.com/Health/medical-bills-bankrupt-families-children-mentally-ill/story?id=18515291
  3. HI, An OLD trick that my mother used was to crush the pills, mix with jelly, can also mix with applesauce even flavor the applesauce with cinnamon, add apples to give it a crunchy texture, all help with the intake of meds. Carole
  4. HI, New neighbor retired, female friend in need of Lyme dr, can anyone recommend a physician in Sarasota, Venice area? Dr can be MD, DO, Immunologist, whoever can treat ...!!! Thanks so much! Mustang Carole
  5. Hi Everyone, I need a Pandas friendly doctor...no peds...can do internist, family physician, md, do, naturopath, or holistic, and insurance accepted too is very nice...in the Sarasota, Fl area. Patient is young man early 20's history of severe pandas, needs occ. antibiotics for ear infections, flares. Thanks in advance for any responses. Mustang Carole
  6. HI, I use a teaspoon in my coffee everyday, it helps detox and if you take more.. it is like taking drano. You will get cleaned out fast, can cause some gas and stomach cramps. Plan to stay home that morning. haha. Carole
  7. HI, I attended a local Tourette Conferences put on by our Tourette Syndrome Support Group and hosted by Dr Harry Chugani, Chief of Pedi Neurology. Dr Singer was the main presenter. He knows his tourettes, and advocated for lots of drugs. He DOES NOT believe in PANDAS at all!!! So, do not expect any thing for pandas, just tourettes, movement disorders. Mustang Carole/Michigan
  8. HI Listmates: Michigan members...Heads up..there is a T.S.conference being planned so save the date more information will be coming. Eastern MI University, May 13, and 14th. The 13th will be a Grand Rounds for physicians and the 14th is geared toward parents. Will be interesting to see if any pandas info is shared with the medical professionals, stay tuned and will let you know. Mustang Carole
  9. HI Listmates: Michigan members...Heads up..there is a T.S.conference being planned so save the date more information will be coming. Eastern MI University, May 13, and 14th. The 13th will be a Grand Rounds for physicians and the 14th is geared toward parents. Mustang Carole
  10. HI, Becauuse your daughter is older, I am wondering if she may have the same problem that we are having here. My son has wisdom teeth that are half in and half out, according to the dentist who says that even he has trouble reaching down in there to clean during his semiannual checkup and cleaning. This a wonderful media for the streps to grow, thus your title of being a strep carrier. We were advised to get all wisdoms removed asap. I plan to ask our dr for antibiotics to take before, during and after procedure. Maybe this is a source of her strep, might be worth getting it
  11. HI, For severe OCD, start the Inositrol, go low in dosage and slowly work your way upward. My son asks for it when he starts the hand washing cycle, says it helps him. Try the baking soda or epsom salt baths at night, throw in about 2 cups per tub full should do it. Have you tried the olive leaf extract, etc. route? Hopefully, you are seeing results of resent infection, or exposure to strep and will clear on its own as immune system clears and heals itself in time. Keep us updated and good luck. I think all the families are experiencing increase in symptoms as the winter drag
  12. HI Back, The conference doctors talked about what SS posted above, that the US genetic changes of our food has increase in the gluten by a fair percentagel in comparison to pioneer days, when wheat was more pure,no pesticides, grown in healthy soil. No wonder there is an ongoing problem with increase in bowel problems, digestion, and our health in general. SmartyJones..They talked about the diet of gluten free and casein free together. There is no rule how long to stay on it, but in general over time..a few years until the KIDS mature and heal, you can try adding it back in
  13. HI, I just attended our local Michigan autism conference presented by Health Dimensions Compounding Pharmacy. All 6 physicians that presented different topics hit on a main theme, that GLUTEN FREE diet is imperative to start helping clean the sick gut to help the kids with impaired immune systems. These are pediatric drs, family medicine drs, holistic drs with osteopathic and standard medical degrees and more. Just my 2 cents. Mustang Carole
  14. HI, My friend caught this one...tune in when you have some time... http://thedianerehmshow.org/shows/2010-12-27/molly-caldwell-crosby-asleep-rebroadcast click on listen. Sleeping sickness caused by an unknown flu back in 1918, caused symptoms of parkinsons in adults, and movement disorders in children. The grownth stunt in the frontal lobe caused psych changes in the kids. Autopsy would show basal ganglia and midbrain swelling. Among early signs were eye tics, graduating to difficulty keeping eyes open, eyes rolling back into head..leading to Oculargytic Crisis. This rang a bel
  15. HI, Ask your dr to run a stool test for yeast. Rx with probiotics starting NOW, rotate various brands, give 2 hrs before or after your antibiotic, give Keifer for a snack, all help repopulate the gut with good bacteria. Keifer is found at Better Health or Whole Foods milk section, or can make your own..google for same. Yeast behavior... Libary book...Feast without Yeast. M.C,
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