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  1. Sorry to be picky, but I don't think mycoplasma have flagella, and so are probably not responsible for a band 41 response. "Mycoplasmas are parasitic bacteria with a small genome and no peptidoglycan layer. Several mycoplasma species have a distinct cell polarity characterized by a protruding membrane extension, the attachment organelle. They are able to attach to and glide on glass, plastic, and eukaryotic cell surfaces, always moving in the direction of the organelle. The gliding mechanism is unknown. Mycoplasmas do not have any appendages such as flagella or pili or any genes obviously related to motility, including motor proteins such as myosin or kinesin. However, a transmembrane protein associated with a cytoskeleton-like structure has been shown to be necessary for glass binding in Mycoplasma pneumoniae." J Bacteriol. 2002 April; 184(7): 1827–1831. M. Miyata, W.S. Ryu, and H.C. Berg. Force and velocity of Mycoplasma mobile gliding. Oh dear. Well, there are hundreds of species of Mycoplasma which are slowly being discovered. Many do have Flagellin. Have trained with Dr Fry, Dr. Klinghardt and Dr T and learned this. I spoke at the 2012 ILADS and Dr Fry was there as well and he spoke about Band 41 and implications with many ILADS docs including myself. FL1953 has been named and discovered. It was first called haembartonella, BLO then FL1953. Now Fry labs is talking about BabLO too. Its all the latest research in progress. Ive been using this knowlegde to help many many patients with great results and just wanted to share for those who want all information out there. Dr Klinghardt recently spoke at a conference and said the FL1953 maybe the most significant infection in some patients which has to treated first he's finding more and more in his practice. Anyways like I said for those parents who do wish to have all the latest info out there the five star docs are using to help their patients. I have been uniquely fortunate enough to train with them and see them in action. Amazing and scary at the same time. Thats where ART comes in and helps move the treatment forward when lab tests are confusing. But ART is not for this topic. Good luck.
  2. What Ive learned is other vectors for lyme and coinfections can be mosquitos, fleas, bed bugs, lice, pet saliva and dust mites. Dr Schaller's book on Bartonella lists these as do many other sources. I have one family of Lyme and coinfections in my practice that started with grandma getting it thru bed bugs. Another a child with Lyme induced Autism got it at 7 months of age thru a huge mosquito bite that got infected for two weeks and at 22 months he developed ASD symptoms. Now 80 % better and partially mainstreamed. Sees Dr J and myself. Many cases. Maternal Fetal trasfer- numerous studies out for a while. have several patients. Latest patient is 8 weeks old. GI issues, Allergies, Liver issues, muscle twitches since birth. Mom just wanted Holistic so I treated him. Now after 3 weeks symptom free. amazing. But yes. My DH was also transfer from me. sexual transmission - large amount of anecdotal evidence. Dont know of any studies.
  3. Band 41 is Flagellin. and an Igenex double star band. Most certainly not insignificant. Spirochete, Mycoplasma, C diff are all flagellate and few others. 31 is also significant from what I know. IgG or IgM are both significant with immune suppressing infections. Also what Ive learned is the sicker one is the more false negatives. Some of my patients that get well faster or respond better are the ones who're CDC positive on the Western Blot thru Quest/Lapcorp. Multi infections suppress the immune system and depelete the body of key nutrients. The titers we see are antibody responses. Antibodies are made by the immune system. A sick immune system with inadequate nutrients, autoimmunity etc certainly can't make a ton of antibodies. Methylation issues complicate this further. We spent 1400 too and all negative except Band 41 for my 10 year old. Dr J said Bart is the first issue as per clinical picture. After a YEAR of treating and therefore lessening the load on the immune system and doing holistic protocols to add the nutrients scavenged by infections we finally had everything light up on Igenex. Lastly Lyme is a clinical diagnosis and labs are supportive not diagnostic. Many docs treat to provoke before testing. Makes a lot of sense. Many will treat other issues like KPU, Methylation and organ support concurrently to help the body along. My experiences and learning so far.
  4. DS 10 has made consistent progress since diagnosed with Aspergers age 22 months, CRMO at 7 yrs, PANDAS age 8 and since then Lyme, babesia microti, babesia duncani, mycoplasma, bartonella, Rocky mountain spotted fever, failure to grow, vitiligo,and multiple genetic mutations for detox, whew! Currently- Normal immune response- no PANDAS, Has cleared Aspergers, socially normal, normal in school, 5th grade, growing ! still in 3rd percentile but on the chart!, genetic markers toned down thru epigenetic treatments, detoxing ok now, no anxiety, no OCD, no seperation anxiety. We did regression hypnosis and traced his seperation anxiety to my horrendous labor and emergency C section. Once we resolved those buried fears he's been great!Sleep normal, Language normal, learning to be assertive- work in progress. Recently had a huge Babesia flare after a really bad bug bite and had his pelvic osteomyelitis (CRMO) again. But Mepron resolved it. Still on Mepron, Homeopathic and herbal maintenance program now. I will continue Mepron for minimum 6 months at this point. DH and I are on an entirely herbal and homeopathic regimen and doing well with clearing the infections, cognitive and physical symptoms. My Aspergers has cleared too after all these years as has my OCD and anxiety. Hoping to keep my cleaning OCD. That ones been helpful. Psychological healing work has helped all of us. Mostly unconventional methods! lol. As you guys may know I have been blessed to have been able to train with the best of the best and helping so many families in my practice. Will present some of those protocols at ILADS in a couple months.Limited time but will try to cover whatever I can cover keeping the stringent ILADS guidelines in mind. Should be fun. Had a weird kitchen accident with a knife that got away and sliced three tendons of my right hand! yikes! Anyways had hand surgery and recuperating. trying to be lefty. Please overlook typos. Please don't lose hope. There are so many conventional, unconventional, just plain out there sounding methods. We owe it to ourselves to look into everything, research and see if thats something that can help our families. Please keep trying. I am glad I listened to some of the brilliant moms on this forum. SF mom- will never forget your help and advise, ever.
  5. Hi Susan I frequently encounter this situation in my practice as well. It depends on the skill, knowledge and experience of your holistic practitioner. The only way to break thru a treatment plateau inspite of having addressed KPU, Biofilm and other typical blockers, a homeopathic practitioner can detect which custom frequency each issue resonates with your body and customize each remedy for you. The results are often amazing. Two things in such a situation 1) Autonosode therapy- homeopathic 2) Imprinting or inverting the patient's own vibrational frequencies or sometimes even specific toxins on top of the terget remedies/drops being used by the patient inorder to customize the treatment for the patient. Then for those who wish to be more aggressive biophoton therapy with the original Bionic 880 works well too but muscle testing is best to see if thats what your body needs. I have no experience with the American version but my research tells me to stick with the original. happy to talk further thru PM if you like.
  6. Many thanks for your kind words Juliafaith :-) Totally agree about muscle testing. Especially ART since it gives a practitioner the quantum option of using Dr Popp's bio-individual light resonance to detect impending problems or urgent deeper issues. Also depends on the open mindedness of the person getting tested. Children do awesome. I have had to change the method for kids to accomodate frequent sensory breaks but works great. two beautiful experiences I had - one 5 year old tested for impending Babesia in June last year (along with lyme) and Dr J found Babesia positive with Igenex FISH 5 months later! We were both happy and our patient has done great- Lyme induced Autism is now just mild Aspergers after less than a year! Another one is just two months ago an ABA therapist I see for severe Lyme and Co is pregnant. She wanted me to test the baby. used the light resonance ART and was able to determine the baby's head position so I could test accurately! The lady told me her ultrasound showed the same position twice already! That was so amazing and satisfying to know I can help a fetus heal in utero. Mom and baby are doing great on homeopathic nosodes and sarcodes that the baby tested for not the mom. Alinia yes I know about the situation. Some people have had to pay out of pocket some ridiculous amount of money for Alinia. But Dr Kling and I have our sources as Im sure you know too probably.
  7. Thanks so much Mar for your note. He is doing fine. Cannot even see scratches on his face after 6 days and just got a small cast today. He saw his ND yesterday and got a bunch of injections on his head which were not pleasant but are supposed to help keep scar tissue to a minimum. This is one brave 14 yr. old! Helmet was possibly a life-saver! While at dr.'s asked to have his Valcyte (anti-viral) tested before refilling it again. He is done! This has been a long continuing battle so very happy the viruses seem to be under control now. Just working on throid/detox now. Thinking that dr. will do blood tests next time around to confirm everything. Hope treatment is progressing well for your family. Take care. Alinia induces parasitic larva die off in the brain and the die off reaction can cause seizures in some people as per my learning. Dr Kling sometimes will give a tiny dose of prednisone maybe 10 mg to a patient on Alinia kind of similar to what Dr Kovacevic does if needed if patient starts vomitting and cerebral reactions. I've seen similar reactions in my patients on Alinia but no seizures. Havent had to use Steroids yet. I start off with muscle testing the dosage and recently one 42 year old woman tested at 3 days on and 5 days off of Alinia 500 mgs BID and thats what we did and she's been fine. Previously she was doing the standard 500 BID daily and the brain fog was debilitating. Additionally I also recommend Galactose to help drain the ammonia from the brain. For my DS we did 5 days on and 10 days off at 250 mgs BID. plus for brain drainage we did galactose and glycine. Just some of my experiences.
  8. DS has lyme induced autoimmune recurring osteomyelitis which is his last issue left. Treating autoimmune is a tricky terrain and needs to done right and in baby steps if one ever hopes for the body to independently regulate. DS gets episodes of screaming pain in his pelvis, inability to walk, bone marrow swelling etc i.e. osteomyelitis like symptoms. I immediately put him on an anti-inflammatory and immune modulating homeopathic spagyric cocktail of Pekana biological medicines along with topical application of remedies in lotion form. Pleo Sanum has a fantastic product that European athletes use and it works like a charm. I alternate that with Aleve or Motrin so this way I need to do the NSAIDS only once a day instead of two. I do the cocktail and cream twice even three times day. Works very well on my pediatric and adult patients too.
  9. DH had purplish ones on his love handles both sides that faded a year into treatment. DS had a HUGE black mole on his shoulder blade that is now 1/10th the size after 1.5 years of treatment. Both are Bart issues with some pappiloma virus added in.
  10. Just briefly. your story resonated with me and I have a few minutes I can reply I see this happen quite often in my practice too. if you have a holistic practitioner or your LLMD they will understand this One can't just force feed the gut supplements for local milieu improvement. those will work short term but need to be combined with neuroendocrine support and hypothalamus regulation support. If not the gut adapts to the supplements and becomes dependent. in cases like your sons, motility issues are mostly due to low tone in the large intestinal smooth muscles and sympathetic nervous system upregulation. Neuromuscular supplements help too. A program to wean the gut off magnesium etc needs to be in place along with a muscle tone builder like carnitine- it needs to be done under the guidance of a health care practitioner. otherwise the dosages of all the force fed stuff needs to be increased as the gut adapts. Adrenal regulation to regulate stress in the gut and subsequently in the brain needs to be in place too. I also don't notice any toxin binders like microsilica, bentonite clay etc in your protocol. Those are important to have in place too. Google Milk Thistle interactions and double check its not cross reacting with your abx as it sometimes can.If yes then thats the reason for additional sympathetic upregulation and you need to substitute milk thistle with other liver tonification remedies. Any new protocol will shock the system into alert and things work beautifully for a while but if its not addressing central regulation then things plateau. Best,
  11. The list you've posted are certified at a basic level, not advanced. The info is at the bottom of the email.This was the very first certification ever and that too attached to a very expensive seminar. Seemingly one has to re-attend the seminar in order to be able to take the test. It may not be financially feasible for practitioners already trained at level 3 to attend another level 3. Maybe things will be more streamlined in the future. ART has been around for more than a decade. It is a wonderful tool and there are many good officially trained practitioners. Do please keep in mind not yet certified doesnot mean not yet officially trained by the Klinghardt Academy instructors. Marc Schwartz teaches level 1 and 2 as do many other instructors. Dr Kling teaches level 3 advanced himself. There are many ART practitioners level -3 advanced to level 1 basic all across the globe. I am a level 3 practitioner myself with official documentation etc and I know of many others local and national. I have trained with Dr. Klinghardt himself at my level 3 training and in his office in Seattle and in Germany. This certification concept is something easy enough but very new and it will take a while for all practitioners to find the time to attend these seminars and get it done. I would suggest you call Debbie at the Klinghardt academy to refer you to an experienced practitioner. She is a very honest, upfront and genuine person who will give you referrals as she understands this certification thing is new. I am sure there are ART practitioners in every state. I know Dr Harris, LLMD in California has an ART practitioner in his office a few days a week or month can't remember. AK v/s ART is a moot point. ART was born from AK. ART is more detailed and uses more quantum physics principles per se. AK and ART are both considered bioenergetic testing and it all depends on the skill and experience of your practitioner as to the accuracy. My personal Bioenergetic doc is phenomenal and doesn't use ART but rather basic AK and cranial rhythms Very accurate and very precise. So depends. Not supposed to use 'ART" abbreviation any more due to some legal stuff but its so hard to keep typing Autonomic response testing every time. oh well.
  12. Sed rate is an acute phase reactant parameter in blood work. Quite non specific without CRP, Ferritin, CCP and a few other acute phase variables also being checked. It can be elevated in children with Lyme and Co who go into autoimmune phase, show up with positive SLE markers. What also can happen is some children go into Auto-inflammatory phase and end up with high sed rates, high CCP etc. One thing thats coming up more in children is CRMO- chronic relapsing multifocal osteomyelitis. DS10 is one example of that and have three more in my practice. So depends on the symptoms. Since 2009, DS has had off and on relapsing difficulty walking, leg aches, pains, hip pain, the MRI shows up as bone marrow edema- another nonspecific marker, CCP is 42, ESR is 54. We had the ESR down to 15 last year and were in remission with the CRMO for a year until last summer he had a sudden relapse. When training with Dr J in CT, he told me about a little boy from Italy he sees with severe CRMO at 12 sites on his body. The boy recovered after 2 years. Dr Kling who also sees DS, told us its heavy metals corrupting the bone marrow, causing inflammation and the elevated sed rate- so we're working on that. So depends on the symptoms.
  13. I mean the LLMD uses it for all children and adults as his routine protocol not just for the severe ones like some do. Very different physiology and toxicity levels in adults and children. In adults its already in deeper in today's world plus if not, adult cell membranes can tolerate repeated permeability adjustments much better than pediatric tissues can. Adult detox pathways can also handle changing influx of chemicals better than compromised pediatric detox channels can. In gestational lyme the mom might be holding on pretty well but the affected child has to deal with her downloaded toxins and their own acquired ones. Its very different dealing with a child's patho physiology in chronic degenerative disease. Adults have much higher levels of epigenetic and environmental exposure, years of toxins, bad food choices, stress, life style issues, misdiagnosis etc- long list. Most I see have been travelling the MS and CFS route for years and finally stumble upon lyme. In children its preventable if caught early enough and treated from all angles. What I've learned is pulsing teaches the microbes to change forms faster and burrow in deeper to resist. The surface proteins change faster and there is a higher risk of increasing already existing autoimmunity or inducing autoimmunity thru molecular mimicry of these changing surface proteins. One of the emerging theories of IVIG resistance in some kids. IVIG shuts down the adaptive immunity naturally since the body senses an influx of donor antibodies. The innate system will never accept donors as self easily. The adaptive is shut down. The microbes panic at the new arsenal and defend themselves by rapidly changing form and/or surface proteins causing a major stirring up of stuff, increase in molecular mimicry scenarios for several weeks. This is for lyme and PANDAS kids or Lyme only that are getting IVIG to build up their immune systems they have been told by their docs. Many I see are doing very poorly after IVIGs every 8 weeks. Herbally and allopathically treating as many coinfections together as possible is the key and ofcourse as you already know, in the right order of elimination. Steady dosing creates a sustained blood level of the desired herbs/abx and is gentler on pediatric tissues. Again, my experience and learning. This has been my learning and experience so far. Always happy to learn more.
  14. yes, exactly. from what Ive learned and experienced, each child can have different triggers. For my DS it was the DTaP vaccine for example. Epigenetics, environmental influences are also big players in the game. Additionally, microbial exo and endo toxins are capable of turning genes on and off at their most virulent and can attach themselves to ones DNA. Energetic testing detects a change in the individuals signature oscillations. Any genetic psychological traumas, unresolved familial conflicts seem to play a very key role. Once autoimmunity creeps in then emotional rebalancing is the most powerful tool in my arsenal for my patients as a midpoint of their treatment. At this level of intracellular toxicity, I would do a homeopathic Sarcode challenge during ART to see if the cells resonate at any healthy frequencies. Custom remedies can be created for children who are severe by imprinting these defective frequencies onto the remedies they test for during ART. I had to do so for my DS. I had to imprint his toxic frequencies arising from intracellular embedded thimerosol from DTaP and amalgam mercury (from my amalgams) onto his remedies I was using for helping the Basal ganglia in his brain recover from PANDAS. That achieved excellent results for DS and finally ended our PANDAS struggles. I did test to make sure that his BBB was closed with all the prior treatments before starting to heal the basal ganglia. I had thought I might have to use GcMAF but I didn't have to. Its still sitting in my freezer. I will use it for myself when Im ready instead.
  15. Can you tell me what you mean by great results with pediatric pulsing? I have heard that from another mom on the west coast but there the LLMD used it as part of regular pediatric lyme abx schedule. Both of my mentors- conventional LLMD and Holistic LLMD are strongly against pediatric pulsing of herbal and allopathic abx for the same reasons even before they actually met each other. I particularly explored this option since I wanted to try it with DS at a low time and I was training with the Holistic doc. I would like to have that explanation in my arsenal. You never know which child might respond. Adult pulsing is well documented in the Lyme circles and I've used it very successfully. The 3 weeks on and 3 off etc is very similar to Burrascano's self protocol and its been used with variations ever since but only with adults that I know of.
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