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  1. Hi there,

    I have been contemplating having my son do the program, a person came over and assessed him for the program and he fits most of the list.

    I didn't even realise he had ADD until she asked the questions! We were concerned about his dyslexia, then it hit me like a wall that ADD would be why he cannot follow simple instruction to go and get ready for school. He has to walk through 2 rooms to get to his bedroom and always gets distracted on the way.


    I had just got used to his air headedness!


    The program in Australia costs us about $5250 and every 6 weeks we would have to drive 3 hours to get reassessed. I am happy to do the course and my son is really wanting to do it too, he promises that he will do his exercises religiously, his prize is going to be an XBox when he completes the course.

    I am currently asking the Universe to supply the money as it has to be paid upfront.


    The DVD and literature and gut feeling convinced me that this will be of major benefit to our family.


    Hope this helps


  2. Hi Gina,


    I haven't been on for months and I feel a bit guilty, so you may not know my story, but let me give you major hope.

    With the help of the fantastic people and advice on this site, our family has been able to overcome 99% of the tics. Without this site I would have been on some sort of antidepressant and my kids would not have had a very good quality of life.


    I had three boys who ticced. One the 8yr old was so bad with the vocal tics I had to take him out of school and homeschool for a year.

    The oldest who is now 10yrs also had OCD (absolutely no sign of this now) and if you could imagine all the tics that kids can have, this child would do them all over the course of a week. They affected every part of his body and his vocal cords.

    My 6yr old used to lift his leg up and rotate it 100 times a day as if he had a wedgy!

    It took me ages to realise it was a tic. He would even do it when he was running and trip himself up.


    Through a lot of trial, error and tears it is my belief that the symptoms were simply an overload of toxins and their immune systems inability to handle anymore stress that caused the tics.

    We modified the diet to strictly NO artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, we only ate organic and

    bio-dynamic and we also included some natural colors and flavours in this. Never trust the labels on the packets of food, we had to read everything and sometimes even ring the manufactures to clarify in writing.


    But little bit by little bit we noticed a difference in our children, we also added a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidents and had blood tests which confirmed high levels of aluminum in their blood.

    This was due to my cooking in aluminum pots. Oh the guilt. Although I can't prove it, I am sure the vaccinations I let them have, especially the pertussis had a major effect for the worse on their immune system.


    Today 18 months after we started our own research the only time my boys show signs of tics are when they have eaten something artificial from another kid at school and I can tell as soon as they walk in the door, just by their moods.


    One other thing that changed immensely, we invested in an LCD TV. Previously if the boys played on the computer or watched tv they would do non stop ticcing. With the LCD we hooked up the computer, they can stay on for hours.


    Sometimes they will tic if they are coming down with something, but once agian I feel this is an immune respose issue.


    Sorry about the long post, don't hesitate to ask me anything. Otherwise you can look up my posts from about a year ago.


    Love, healing and hope.





  3. dear efgh,


    Using a common sense approach to immunising.

    In the case of Diptheria and tetnus.


    These diseases are a threat in places where sanitation is poor, with inadequate sewerage systems and dirty water supplies.

    Nutrition is poor, no fresh fruit and vegetables or no food at all or clean water.

    Or where your childs immune system is very low and they continually catch every cold and flu that comes along.


    Yes you can still get tetnus and it is usually in the soil or can be caught from rusty nails and tin, but please remember the risk is very low, especially if you use antiseptic on cuts and scratches. If your child needs stitches or has a deep wound which becomes red and oozy, then when you take him/her to the dr's, mention that they are not immunised, then they will know to look for other symptoms.

    These days with all the antibiotics that are available you don't need to to be scared into having the shots.

    If your child already has tics, it is my experience that the shots will make them worse. Later on, when your child is older, then they can decide if they want them or not.

    Of course if you are going to be travelling to poorer areas then you would look into it more and weigh up the decision.


    Diptheria is also rare in the USA as far as I know, but I don't live there!

    Once again, prepare yourself with the symptoms so that if you find yourself worrying, you can tell your GP about the immunisation issue.


    Hope this helps.



    Prudence -maybe you should have a read of the threads and see why we are so offensive of immunisation before you post and strike fear and confusion into parents that have children with this problem. :)



  4. Thanks everyone for your replies,


    I think I might give it a go. but I'll have to ask Heather where to get it,


    I always have yeast problems after Easter due to the copious amounts of hot cross buns I am ashamed to say I indulge in!

    1 month of bliss 11 months of trying to fix it!

    This year I felt it also affected one of my sons who has as much self control as me!


    I thought we had both developed severe candida symptoms without the thrush, they included being fog headed, tired, wanting to sleep all the time, unable to motivate to do the smallest task, cramping windy stomachs, teary and at times rages for no apparent reason.


    No. 2 son also had a few vocal tics, he hasn't had any tics for at least 6 months, his behaviour was shocking and a couple of times had to be removed from the rest of the family to his room because he was trying to tease and upset as many people as possible. Then he would fly into rages.


    Previous to this he had also had an ongoing dry cough for the last couple of months (since we moved house) which turned into a chest infection last week with a wheeze requiring antibiotics, he was put on prednisolone and antihistimine, because the specialist said the dry cough was an allergy response.

    Obviously from the above we have not been following the failsafe diet.


    The candida symptoms have been going on for a good 3 weeks, but this week I started to feel like my old self with the tiredness lifting and his cough starting to resolve.


    Then someone told me that the universal energies were vibrating at a higher rate in the last month which has something to do with the equinox and the coming eclipse. This person told me that there were a lot of sensitive people that were experiencing breathing problems and lethargy and that this was due to start lifting from the start of this week with the whole process being over on the weekend.


    Has anyone else had this problem? I probably shouldn't be posting this question on this thread, but I will edit it later if it offends.


    I had asked a lot of my friends and they had all been complaining about the lethargy and tearyness, and that their childrens behaviour was causing conflict where before there had been none. Maybe this is only affecting our side of the world?


    Or maybe the buns have addled my brain!

    Can't wait for your replies.

    Clare :unsure:

  5. Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone has had success with the threelac product and how long you tried it for. Did it get rid of the candida altogether and did it have any effect on tics, good or bad?

    I have been looking at testimonials, but I'm not sure if they are real as they seem to come from people who have a vested interest in selling the product.


    If anyone knows any info I would be most grateful.


    Clare :unsure:

  6. Righty oh there guys, I just jumped on at work to see what was happening and I came across this.

    Hope you all had a great Easter, without to many tics!

    We specifically asked for no chocolate for the children, and suggested books and things, but the relatives just can't help themselves, they only bought bags of eggs with about 30 M&M egges each! Then of course there were the usual tears and tantrums and that was just from me!


    Thanks Claire, for that info, it is good to see you back.


    Caz and Marina,


    I have to start from scratch with the diet again, my middle son was today diagnosed with asthma, he's had a cough since December, and now has a chest infection with it.

    We are going to be doing some serious tic and allergy busting!


    I was wondering if you know of any adverse reactions to ventolin cfc free puffers, I remember seeing some failsafe kids with asthma exacerbated the symptoms because of the preservatives in the puffers. Any info would be much appreciated.


    In the last 3 months I've moved house, started a new business, my husband is back at work and I no longer homeschool.

    My older son Connor still tics a lot, but this is due to the fact that he doesn't like his teacher and she stresses him out.

    We have come to the conclusion that although he has all the info for reading and writing in his head, he starts to tic and stutter so badly that we need to find other ways for him to do his schoolwork. We are trying to use as many visual and hands on methods as possible. This reduces his stress levels and his tics, unfortunately his teacher doesn't really approve, although she has agreed to reduce his reading homework.


    I was wondering if maybe we could catch up in the school holidays.

    I check my email everyday.


    Hope all your kidlets are well and behaving appropriately.



    clare :)

  7. Hi Angibrandy,


    I will never get another one of my children immunised again. I have thought about this time and again and I ask myself what if they catch a dreaded disease and are maimed or worse?

    After a lot of soul searching and by educating myself, my answer is that as long as I am vigilent in building up their immune system with the right food and supplements including heaps of bioflavinoids and giving them plenty of excercise and using copious amounts of common sense, then they should remain disease free. I can of course cope with the odd cold and bit of Croup!

    A lot of my reading included Rudolf Steiner's take on children and illness and how the child and various childhood diseases need to mix to enable the spirit and body to grow and evolve. It is very interesting reading, I also believe in going to a homeopath or naturopath and using Medical Drs as last resort.


    When my children were babies and I didn't know any better, I had two of them immunised against whooping cough at the age of 2months. My 1st baby was always happy and content and easily settled. After his first shot, he did nothing but scream and wriggle with pain for 7 days then for the next two months he was always easily upset, I thought this was normal. My second child at 2months recieved the same shot, he started a high pitched squealing about 2hrs later, this indicates brain swelling. The guilt I felt at thinking that I had given my completely healthy child brain damage I will never forget. I took him to the hospital and they said there was nothing I could do but wait it out. Once that shot goes in, you cannot reverse it with traditional medication.

    After a lot of prayer, thankfully my baby was alright. I have since had the vaccinations homeopathically reversed, but both my boys have Tourettes.


    You might ask why did I get the 2nd child done? Because I didn't know that children wern't mean't to react like that and nobody told me otherwise. The push by the Government and Doctors to immunise led to peer group pressure in the mothers group, if you didn't immunise you were a bad mother.

    The only people that benifit from vaccination in the Western world are the pharmacutical companies. Now if you lived in the tsunami countries I would agree that with the poor hygiene and nutrition, vaccination is a must.


    I live in Australia and I know that we can get our children homeopathically immunised, this is much more gentle as it works with the childs immune system, rather then bombarding it.


    Some of our vaccination shots contain up to twelve different diseases in 1 shot, in the real world how many peoples immune system would have to deal with six different childhood diseases at once let alone twelve?


    All I can advise is that you read as much as you can on the subject and look up the antivaccination websites, they give you the statistics on how many children still contract the diseases after the shots. If you already have a problem with the immune system working, why aggrevate it?


    Sorry for getting on my soapbox, but I wish I had people tell me this when I needed it.

    good luck


  8. Wow Chemar,

    I learn somethng everytime I open this site. For years my son has driven me crazy with having to cut off the labels, and just today he was complaining about the seams in his socks. I had never thought that this was a known problem. I just thought he was whinging about anything he could to get my attention. He also has problems with noise levels and this was part of the problem at school. It was the background noise that bothered him. He has also had reoccurent ear infections and lost his hearing at one stage. He has had 2 sets of gromets, but is fine now as long as he wears ear plugs when in water. Does this have anything to do with strep infections?



  9. Hi Lorraine,

    One of my sons who is nearly 8yrs was the same with uncontrollable rages at home. His teacher didn't believe me either and I used to dread the 3pm pick up.

    He is also very bright, at first he used to tic at home all the time and not at school, but then it got harder for him to hold it in at school and this would cause him the frustration, which ended with the rages at home.


    I ended up taking him out of school and homeschooling him for most of this year. He had a younger brother at home to play with, so it wasn't too bad with them. His tic has almost completely disappeared, but we have changed the diet and do supplements. It comes back even with these measures if he is under stress.

    Because his little brother will be starting school next year, I have decided to try to send Gage back. He has negotiated to go for 1st term to see how he handles it.

    The three of my kids had OCD in some form or another, but this has resolved with the diet and supps.

    Your daughters behaviour, sounds like it could be linked to the food she is eating, especially the rages and the sorry and headache. I live in Australia and our government let the large bread making chains put a mould inhibitor (282) in our bread. This has been linked to children showing ADHD symptoms and rages, headaches etc. It was certainly having an effect on my children as they would have toast with breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and sometimes toast after school.


    I would advise doing a no artificial colours, preservatives and flavours diet for a week and monitor the results. I'm sure these were also responsible for my childrens OCD.


    If you need anymore info I am happy to reply, but I don't want to confuse you with too much info at the moment. It is a long slow process and you need to do a bit at a time to figure out what works and what doesn't.


    Look up



    Good luck

    Clare :)

  10. To Simon,


    The vitamins usually make me calmer, but it didn't stop it fully, if I don't have the vitamins it comes back all the time.



    To Dylan,

    The movie called Incredibles has not started yet, but I am hoping to see it with my friend Stephanie.

    I have got the Egyption God Cards. I have three winged dragon of Ra, two slifer the sky dragons and two obelisk the tormentor.


    Tomorrow I am getting another deck, because my friend Tyson got a new deck, and in his new deck he got two of the Left leg, one of the left arm and a right arm.

    And he got the five headed God dragon. And he got exodier the dark master. He also got two kybers and one pegasus, one joey.

    Our shop has got new decks in it, So I have been doing jobs at home to save for my new deck.


    Sometimes it gets up to 44oC or 110oF during our summer, we go swim in the river when it is hot.

    I finish school on Friday for our summer holidays. Our Christmas Days are usually hot. Some people have their Christmas lights and trees up, we haven't because we just moved. I have my own room now.


    From Connor :):):D

  11. Hi guys,


    just letting you know, I'm still reading sometimes, but am doing 2 jobs and have just moved house. Hubby lost job today, so now I'll have to work harder!


    Kids are feral, and haven't even started the Christmas shopping yet! Oh well, I wonder what new doors will open in the next few weeks!


    I'll try to keep you posted with the tics.


    Merry Christmas

    Clare :wacko:

  12. Hi Heather,


    I have to tell you that before your Dr tells you he needs an operation, look into chiropractic or kinesiology to try to fix the problem. I remember talking to one of them about specialists that like to operate, but that it can be fixed relativly easy with other methods. I can't remember which one (sorry)



    As you know I am wary of "normal" Dr's opinions!

  13. Hi Natalie,

    I would strongly suggest that you look at either the failsafe diet or Feingold.

    Just put them into search.

    or www.fedupwithfoodadditives.info this is the fed up site, I don't know the Feingold one.

    I believe that if you try one of these your child will turn into an angel and you'll wonder what all the fuss was about.

    As he is still in pre school, it should be easier for you to restrict him with the foods, rather then an older child.

    Trust that no child ever became malnourished with the restrictions!

    I would also go back to your previous vitamin plan, just to put your own mind at rest that it is the new vitamins that are causing the trouble.

    If not, then this could be a new phase.


    One of my son's was really aggressive, teary, would fly into rages at the drop of a hat. I could see he was confusing even himself. After 3 weeks on failsafe, he was a different child.

    Does your child have constant dark circles under the eyes?

    These are called allergy shiners.


    The info sites offer a list of symptoms and behaviours caused by intolerances to amines and salicylates. Get rid of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and you will probaly notice a massive difference.

    Sometimes you have to watch out for natural colours as well.


    Good luck


  14. Thanks for that Nessie!


    Since we've been doing the failsafe diet, I have changed to safflower oil.

    Did you know that when you heat flaxseed oil, it turns into a type of carciogenic?

    If you are going to use it in cooking, it's best to add it to dishes after you have removed them from the heat.


    A really delicious salad dressing is

    a sploosh of-

    flaxseed (linseed)oil

    tamari ( wheatfree soy sauce)

    lemon juice

    apple cider vinegar ( with the mother) this means it is unpasturised.


    For the salad grate


    white radish (diakon)


    coloured lettuce- mignonette, those frilly purple ones etc, the more colour the better they are.

    celery, snow peas

    sprouted mung beans and lentils etc

    fresh corriander, mint, fennel

    anything else that is green and fresh!



    Not good on the failsafe diet, but great for me!

  15. Hi Bean,

    Does your Dan Dr know about the effect of Salicylates and amines and msg in fruit and veg. These are naturally occuring chemicals. A lot of our natural therapists have rarely heard about these things. I know that it is hard to comprehend eliminating more stuff, but sometimes it just has to be tried.


    One of our hospitals has released a cookbook for allergy and intolarence sufferers, it list all the recipes with egg free, or dairy free, wheat free. It also focuses on the salicylates and amines in the food. If you need a copy, I would be happy to post one over. Just email me at home. I'll be offline until next week.

    One of the most crucial aspects of eliminating is definately natural and artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. I agree with Mustang Sally when she suggests that you cook like your grandma or like her grandma!


    Our kids problems are definately the effect of the last few generations eating adulterated food.

    Water is a big issue as well. make sure you use a good filter. Over here we are mass medicated with flouride, whether we like it or not. I don't think this is great for our bodies either.

    Hope I haven't confused you. It is a slow and painful process, but the results are worth it in the end.

    Good luck

    Clare :D

  16. To Dylan


    What are you geting for christmas? I'm geting a gameboy SP, some spy gear but i do not know which one to get. My favourite cousin has a X-BOX, a Play Station and a computer and he even bought his own t.v. but he is 17 years old. What is your favourite t.v show? We are about to go into summer here in Australia starting next month, and the weather has been very hot already and today we went to the river because it was 30max, and on the Saturday it was 35max, hows the weather at your place?







    from connor ^_^

  17. HI JC,


    I made an enquiry to the Australian Collage of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. ACNEM

    The reply gave me the above information and stated that the Drs listed have done the Accredited Nutritional courses. Even though they don't do specific Tourettes, if you phone and explain about this site, they may get the gist of what you want.


    I personally don't have much faith in Drs natural or otherwise, but I understand that you need them to get the tests done.

    Good luck.


  18. Hi there,

    Congrats on your success Marina!


    I haven't done the no TV test yet, things are really hectic around here at the mo.

    I couldn't put myself through the arguing factor.


    Over the Christmas holidays will be easier, cause we can spend endless days down the river.

    Connor's tics are still bad at the moment, but his teacher has been away and he doesn't like the grumpy emergency teacher!!!!!!


    I had to take him, to the dentist this morning. His tic was so bad that I worried that they would miss the tooth and get his gum. But as soon as he was in the chair, the tic went. It was still gone in the car on the way home. I think he was relieved because he didn't have the needle.

    He's gone off to school happily now and his teacher is back.


    Keep posting about your success, it inspires me ( and others! I'm sure). B)

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