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  1. Hi everyone,

    I thought I'd add some info specific to Australian readers. Hope you don't mind.

    Two books one is available in an American version:



    FED UP by Sue Dengate

    Can be found on www.ozemail.com.au/~sdengate


    This lady had help from the Royal Alfred Hopital Allergy Unit (Sydney, I think)


    I haven't looked up the site yet but I've read one out of three books, very exciting. I'm not sure about the feingold diet because it has a lot of food specific to America which I don't know how to substitute over here. Sue has modified the detox diet for both of us.


    The other one is specific for Aussies.


    This guy has a practice in Sydney Australia.

    Phillip Alexander ND, Dip AOMN

    Naturopath, Orthomolecular Nutritionalist.[/b]


    The book is called


    By Phillip Alexander./B]

    Contact on 02 9981 2225 or 02 99827135


    Highly recommended


    I'm planning on ringing him asap to find out which brands of TS specific vitamins would be best without the additives.


    Stay Tuned!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi All,


    My son cannot read a book out loud to me eg: school reader, it usually take 30mins to get through one page and then he has no concept of what the words mean't.

    We haven't done any reading homework for almost a month now. If he looks at books by himself, the tic isn't so bad.

    I'm not sure how he copes at school, but the teacher hasn't said anything.


    He is way below in reading for his year level because he started at a Waldorf (Rudolf Steiner) school and is now in a mainstream school with higher expectations. He also knows that the other kids read better which upsets him.


    Hopefully when I've got the diet thing under control, the reading will come naturally.

  3. Hi all,


    Just a quicky to let you know I'm still around, my 2nd son's tics are still really extreme, but yesterday I got a referral to an Immunologist at the Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne. Unfortunately the appointment time is about 4-6 weeks so I'm trying to eliminate foods at home.

    School is driving me to distraction because the kids swap food and I have no control over it, even though I explain it time and again to my child.

    Home schooling is still an option but I worry that I'm turning into a control freak!!!!!!

    See Roses we're all trying to keep the worry and insecuritiy at bay.


    I'm going to ask for heavy metal testing, dairy, wheat and I'm going to try for all vitamin and mineral tests, but don't know how supportive this Dr will be.

    Have I left anything out. Feedback would be much appreciated.



    I passed this site onto more Aussies so you can have a crash course in upside down senses of humour!!!




  4. Dear Roses,

    I think what your feeling now is normal. Its like the roller coaster ride anyone goes on when there is change. I believe that none of us are given anything that we can't handle. That although it seems like an impossible mountain to climb now, I'm can tell you with experience, that now you've found this site your life will change.


    The people on this site are so supportive and loving I know that they have the compassion and knowledge to help you get through even the biggest challenges.


    The first time I read some of these threads I knew my life had changed after four years of crying.

    They have given me the confidence to accept my children have Ts, and that it doesn't always have to be this sad. Just read the new topics from Chemar.

    If you live in America you even have the advantage of Health care professional addresses.

    Us poor Aussies still have to try trial and error!!!!!!!!


    Good luck with your journey, I'm sure we will all be better souls for it.

    Love and hugs


  5. Hi Chemar,


    I'm sure you must be talking about my son!!!!!

    One of the times his tics stop is when he's doing art.

    Especially Steiner (Waldorf) wet on wet painting.


    He loves music and has a fantastic sense of humour and is always protective of the underdog. A very sensitive person who loves animals.


    Thank you for reminding me of the positives as it is easy to get caught up with the


    Many thanks


  6. Hi all,

    Thanks for the positive comments on the parenting I was starting to worry about my skills.

    Eventually my husband will come around, but I think men see things with a different perspective and if there are any males out there with some insight I would sure be glad to hear it. Such as reacting to different parenting situations with TS.


    It is hard to tell if Gage occasionally plays on it ar not.


    I have noticed that if he complains he's bored and I keep putting him off on entertaining him, the tics do increase in loudness, any suggestions?

    In the next few weeks I am reducing my workload to stay at home and help in school with them, I thought that I might take Gage out at lunchtime, to decrease the buildup of holding it in all day.


    Special thanks to Chemar.

  7. Dear efgh,


    Gage my middle son was born screaming and just didn't stop for the first 7months, after numerous medical visits and no result, I finally found an ancient paediatrition that took one look and said allergies. By this time he was covered in excma (can't spell!) like a t-shirt, projectile vomiting and constipated and slept twenty minutes at a time. He ended up being allergic to breast, cows and soy milk, once we got him onto a protein free or it may have been amino acid free can't remember because I was sleep deprived for so long! He improved almost instantly.

    He stayed on that until he was 2yrs. Then I put him onto oat milk, but I worried about the calcium thing and changed to soy with added calcium at about age 3.

    None of my kids get asthma or runny noses from pollen, but Gage does get croup a lot.


    My 1st two kids also reacted badly to the triple antigen vaccine, I'm sure it was the pertussis part, so I refused to have the 2nd and 3rd shots, but then had to sign a stat declaration, stating why.

    My 3rd child is not immunised against anything.


    MY friend in my mothers group vaccinated her child at the same time as I did the first one with Gage, her son had his 1st epileptic fit the same day and now has a form of autism, with numerous fits per week.

    Another mother in the same group has a child with ADHD who reacted violently to the same vaccine, although she admits she has ADHD herself although it was unlabeled.


    None of our immediate families on both sides have any tic like symptoms, but most of the relations live in England and Scotland. We have no way of getting info about the Scot side. Is there a genetic test that can be done?


    Sugar, exciting situations whether happy/scary increase the tics and Tv. Our Tv is going to meet with an accident very shortly!!!!!

    I'll have to kiss Carter on ER goodbye Boo Hoo!


    I always seem to write long ones sorry!


  8. Wow, this is the most amazing site I've ever found.

    I'm almost addicted to logging on everytime I turn on the computer!


    Rose, I have also wondered along the lines you've been thinking, but I've never been able to put them into words.

    As far as I know our situation is not hereditary, and I haven't done as much research as I would like, but inside I really feel that you are on the right track somehow.

    I also wonder if your research would help Multiple Sclerosis sufferers?


    My oldest sons tics increase if he is coming down with an illness.

    But how do you explain the tics stopping when they sleep?

    What is GABA?



  9. Hi guys,


    thanks for your support and inspiration, I didn't realise there was more then one page for answers, so I haven't been ignoring you! Just a little slow on the uptake!


    My oldest son has vocal, full body tics and sniffing. Occasionally he is loud, but he's mostly able to keep the tone down.


    My middle son has the dreaded fullon" lets yell as loud as poss and add the swear words too".

    My husband and I are at odds at this stage on how to handle it. He keeps telling Gage to control himself and stop it. Which he mostly does. I let him go for it if he has too and only ask him to keep it down if I'm on the phone or take it to another room. Which he does. After school is a nightmare because as soon as he gets in the car, we are all deafened by 6hrs of him holding it in ( not good in a confined space!). This lasts for about an hour when he gets home. His teacher said today that he doesn't do it in class, except the occassional noise in the pm. He says he does it at playtime when its noisy and the other kids won't notice. It breaks my heart.

    My worry is, if he does it mostly with me a lot, is he allergic to me! or is it just that he feels safe that he can be himself? I would really like some feedback on that one!


    His behaviour is also erratic, fighting with his brothers and very teary. I think this is the stress of trying to hold it in all day. This has only started in the last few weeks, before it was only shoulder shrugging and neck movements. He has also shown OCD in the last few weeks, my other son has a mild form of it.


    I am in the process of booking in for an allergy test but this will take at least five - six weeks. I'm not sure if they do the heavy metals here, so if anyone knows how it would be helpful.


    Did anyone catch up on my Gall bladder question under my Alternative Therapies thread?

    I've got some info also on Macrobiotic diets and theory, but I'll save that till I get more info.


    I just want to thank you guys for all your input, I have been searching for this type of thing for 4yrs and all I could find was the revolting drug bits, but no real help, so thank you all.


    Sorry this was a long one



  10. Hi all,


    I was wondering if some of you could list other treatments you have tried without drugs.

    Over the past 4yrs I've tried Kinesiology (4 different types) orthobionomy, jinshin jitzu, chiropractor, but the funniest was this really strange guy 80yrs not out! who made you wait in a waiting room for hours on end with 3 toddlers who were not allowed to eat or drink in the WR.

    Who then had these little vials of things eg viruses, allergens etc, he had hundreds of them and would sticky tape a vial to solar plexis then test with kinesiology. One vial per visit which usually took 10mins. The guy was extremely deaf and would rarely give out any information. The annoying thing was that the tics and symptoms would stop for a couple of weeks, so you never knew if it was a fluke or if it worked!

    After a while the stress of driving two hours and waiting four got to me and we stopped!

    We've also tried Thought field therapy and I did look at Bonnie's website but the cost per month was way to much for our budget.


    Strangely enough I had always been strict on our diet as in trying to stay away from packaged food, juices and cordials, white bread etc. But I had never thought to have them allergy tested before. So our next step, now that the next boy has shown such massive tic symptoms is allergy testing, variation on a macrobiotic diet(although I think this will be a big challange to implement)


    Maybe home schooling, watching the moon phase after reading the other thread last week! Little TV and computor, although they only get about 3hrs a week anyway and definately no playstation or X Box.

    You have to laugh don't you or life would be miserable!

    Clare from Aus

  11. HI, I've just stumbled onto your most exciting site, it is such a relief to know there are other people out there with families like mine. I have three sons 9, 7 and 5.

    9 and 7 have Tourettes with the 7yr having such a massive increase in tics in the last two weeks, I have considered giving up work to home school after our Easter hols which finish today. The 9 yr has had symptoms for 4yrs and the 7yr just started this year. The 5yr has the occasional suspicious movement, but I'm not sure if its me in denial!

    I live in Australia Melbourne and have never used a chat site before, so if I do anything suss just let me know.

    Thanks you guys.

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