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  1. Hi Supermom13; I am very glad to see that your sons tics are going away. I am sure the last one will be gone shortly. And a few throat clearings may also not be a tic, I have allergy and a few throat cleanings is pretty normal for me. Once we visit the doctor, I will share all the info. Please let me know if you have any specific questions you'd like me to ask. I'd be very pleased if you can share some insight on how many different tics you were able to notice and at what pace did they go away. What I am worried is while older tics frequency and intensity is going down s
  2. Hi Sheila ; Thanks for the reply. Like all, I am looking for answers and in the meantime trying to share information so we may be an answer for someone else, even if can't find the answers we looking for immediately. We are living in Dubai at the moment and we moved here 10 months ago from Turkey/Istanbul. I think that my daughter was slightly worried about loosing friends for a short while but there was not much stress I was able to recognise and she looked like she adapted significantly faster then I thought she would. But I understand that the mind of 3-4 year old works mys
  3. Hi All ; I am a worried father of a wonderful 4 year old lady with tics. Just wanted to share our story, so far, and hear from you. It all started 4 weeks ago with head movement, which was hard to miss. However I had seen that she was flaring nostrils time to time before, which might be the initial tics. Not %100 sure though as she is slightly allergic to dust inherited from me, I guess. For the last 4 weeks, she added some other tics all of the simple motor tics. For the last 2 days, I am recognising a breathing tic too. Some of the tics only appeared briefly, some of them ch
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