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  1. It seems that I still haven't gotten the right mix of vits for my son yet, just when I think its working next day he is back to square one. His tics subside (50 - 75%) for only 2-3 days and then come back to original frequency and intensity again for 2-3 days. The best results I have seen so far for him are with this combination even though it doesn't seem to be consistant: childrens fish oil (dha), taurine 500 mg, B-compx, Magnesium chilated 300 mg. I don't give him food with colors, flavors and preservatives. What could be the reason that his tics are not controlled consistantly yet? Th
  2. itsme, thanks for your response. When you say diet restrictions are these based on any allergies he has? I follow a diet for my son which is artificial color, flavor free and no preservatives. I don't have his food allergy test yet so don't know if he is allergic to anything but I don't give him milk either.
  3. Itsme, I wanted to know what kind of doses your son takes for bontech vits? Is he tic-free while he is on the supplements or the tics are just controlled and what percent? Sorry to ask lot of questions but I ordered the bontech vits but haven't started giving him yet. He is taking mag 300 mg, taurine 500 mag, b-compx, and fish oil and with these supps he is about 70% better some days but I am not sure if its the supps or just waxing and waning because he would have 2-3 good days and again would have 2-3 bad days. I am still trying to figure out what works for him. Thanks.
  4. faith, Yes, my son started with eye blinking first and then I noticed his nose/mouth twich. His nose/mouth twich is not always there and is not very noticeable.
  5. Chemar, How do you find a good acupressurist? Is there any organization that certifies acupressurist? I couldn't find anything on the web, I did find certified acupuncturist though just not sure if they do both. Thanks for your help.
  6. Thanks Chemar! I have more questions: My son had braces for about 11 months, he just got them removed on Monday. On Monday I also started him on B-comx, taurine, and magnesium. Tuesday was probably the best day he had so far in over two months. He only blinked few times (very mild). He was still doing his nose/mouth twich but that has not been severe. Today (wednesday) he had to get retainers, they are plastic and not visible and he has to wear them about 12 hours a day. I noticed as soon as he wore them his blinking got more noticeable. I asked him to take it off and it was a little better a
  7. Some of my sons test results came back today. He tested negative for PANDAS and candida. His magnesium level was normal. Mild allergy to two types of grass and still don't have the food allergy tests back yet. His doctor (environmental) recommended we give him the following; B-compx, Taurine 500 mg twice a day, Magnesium chelated 200 mg twice a day and children's dha cod liver oil - 4 capsules a day. I am a little concern if thats too much for a 9 year old who is about 70 lbs. From reading the posts it sounds like taurine doses are too much and if his magnesium is normal why give him extra
  8. is that dr. Tanya Murphy? just wanted to check because I am trying to call to get an appointment and I always get voicemail and left a message 2 days ago but haven't heard back yet. Did you all have to go through the same process? Thanks.
  9. Thanks Janey and pamela for the info and Amy1 for your support.
  10. chemar, how do you go by Bonnie's protocol? I mean should I just call them and explain the symptom or do they have specialists in different locations. I have been to their website but didn't see where you can just order the products. Thanks for your help.
  11. Just wanted to post little update about my son's tics. My 9 year old son's eye blinking/winking has not calmed down yet and this has been going on for 2 months now. Everyday he has these tics, may be he had 2 or 3 days in two months where his eye winking was down 50% than usual other than that he is constantly winking his eyes (left mostly but some times its right eye also). He doesn't have any vocal tics, some times he kind of flaps his fingers but that is not constant. He also does mouth twich some times but that comes and goes. I have stopped his milk for last 3 weeks, he eats pizza on frid
  12. Michele, I started my son Nordic Naturals Childrens DHA 100% Artic Cod Liver Oil just yesterday. Have you noticed any difference with you son since you started this. Thanks!
  13. Has anyone notice the tics/symptoms are better in the morning? I have noticed with my son his eye blinking/twiching is alot better in the morning than evening.
  14. I am getting confused, my son had eye blinking for about a month and half. I have been giving him vit supplement (magnesium 250mg and vitamin B comp) for week and half and no tv and video games. His eye blinking seems to be better some days and some times its like back to day one. Today I have noticed he has this nose mouth twitch. I am feeling helpless, would like to hear some success stories. All of you with success please give your feedback as to how long it took tics to go away or reduce with natural treatment and supplements. Did the tics go away completely? If tics reduced what percent?
  15. Update on my son: Last three days his eye blinking has reduced about 50%, I notice that mornings are better and as day progresses it seems to get more. We have also taken his PS2 and DS games away also no tv time for last 3 days. He has been on liquid health's 'attention' supplement also for three days. I am also giving him homeopathy magnesium/phosporus. Is it a sign of recovery or he is just having better days? I have also stopped giving him milk and trying very hard so he doesn't get any dairy products. Janey, what supplements are you giving your son and how long did it take before
  16. THank you C.P. for your respnse. Yes, my son never had tics before. Just wanted to ask you how long did your daughter's tisc last? From what I know, we don't have any family history of this. Thank you 'itsme'! it helps to know what has worked for other people, I am going to look into 'bontech' and see if I can find an environmental dr.
  17. Hi, I am new here, this is my first post. My son (9 and 1/2 year old) started excessive blinking about 5-6 weeks ago, I took him to the opthalmologist and he said my son has blephirits and prescribed antibiotic for eyes. His blinking reduced quite a bit for few days while he was on antibiotic but one day he started the excessive blinking again. Now there are few days where his blinking is less and other days its really bad. I can't stop looking at him and praying that it would stop. I took him to neurologist, he said his neurological exam is fine. He says may be he is starting tics or just a
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