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  1. Woops, Thats why i shouldn't post late at night! http://www.fourbody.com.au/orthoplex-inhibin-2.html
  2. Our Natropath wants my son to start taking 1 of these a day but i'm really confused about histidine after seaching on here and google. If someone could take a look at the ingredients for me and the list of excipients incase there is anything that might be a know tic trigger i'd really appreciate it
  3. Thanks i might try the chewing gum idea, Have to search for a natural one here in Australia. All his vocals are sooooo loud!! I hope they don't stay loud forever....
  4. I notice that a lot of people or their kids have 1 vocal or a couple that they have for quite a long peried, ie a cough or grunt that sticks around for a year or more. What about vocasl that are just all over the place and not consistent and have no pattern at all, Is this common? Apart from my sons "Ah" vocal that still pops up every now and then his vocals are very messy, Lots of different sounds or words that just come out. Can be anything from 'ssss' to 'No' to 'Ohhhh' plus a heap more. They have been very present this weekend just passed :/
  5. Ok Thanks, I just seen the childrens one has iron and iodine in it where as the other doesn't. Would this matter to a child with tics? My son has low iron anyway.
  6. Hi I'm trying to find a good basic multi for my son, Chemar i looked up the link you posted, Would that be suitable for a 6 year old though? I see they have a childrens basic nutrients, Is it still the same basics just smaller qty's. The multi we were using had other ingredients not listed like xylitol and other stuff i wasnt sure of so i found out.
  7. Very glad to hear they got back to you so quickly, Eeeek my son is already mostly vocal so i will keep that in mind if we end up trying out bontech.
  8. Chemar i thought i seen a topic the other day about good multivitamins but now cant find it, Do you have a recommendation of one we could try that i can get here in Australia too? Thanks
  9. I haven't used Bontech supplements but have been considering them for my son. I have fully read through the site and case studies etc and did notice that a percentage of people noted an increase in symptoms in the first 1-2 weeks then improvement started. Some longer. Are you giving her the full dose now? I read it also suggested to drop back down for a bit in dose and then trying going back up again. Perhaps some peoples bodies need more time to get used to it. I'm probably not much help :/ Hope it all works out and will be interested in hearing how she goes
  10. I have no idea what he meant and i didn't bother to ask as i thought you arent the dr for us. he did say he had seen TS kids before. I'm hoping the appt with the neuro will be more helpful. Thanks for the comment about the bontech supplements i had thought of that, that perhaps i should wait for a dx. I really don't know what else he could have besides TS though? The waiting game begins, I wish i wasnt so impatient
  11. A couple of weeks ago we seen a new paedatrician in town to try and get a dx for my son, This did not happen as he said he doesnt look like a TS kid!! He did midly motor and loudly vocal tic in the 45min appt though so go figure. Anyway the only good thing i did get out of the expensive appt was a blood test to check some viatmin levels and he also got a liver function test done. I am waiting to get a physical copy for my records but i was told that all the levels were within normal range, i'm just wondering in by how much so will have to wait for that. He tested for.....Magnesium, calcium,
  12. I don't really know if it's helping with tics as such as we started it around 2 weeks after my son started vocal ticcing. Our Natropath put us onto it because she says it's just a good all rounder multivatamin thats made for brain fuction. We have been on it about 6-8 weeks and my son is 6.5yrs old. We have also made many dietary changes for him. It's hard to know if he would be way worse without it all. Our biggest challenge atm is getting his gut healthy. We are at the very begining of the journey and don't have a diagnosis of Ts just anxiety with tic disorder that was given at around 4.5 -
  13. I don't have lots of experience yet with all the vitamins and i'm in Australia too so know how you feel about not having guidance for all this. I did post a week or 2 ago about how we had cleaned up my sons diet for approx 4 or more weeks then went to a birthday party and within the hour he had tics i'd never seen before so i absolutely believe the food/gut/brain connection would most likely cause a tic increase. I also have posted somewhere about a multivitamin that we are using from our natropath and it has all the major helpers in it. Theres a link in one of my posts if it helps.
  14. We had a appt with our natropath yesterday so do some simple allergy testing, She just did one that worked on him holding the food or item and used a machine that detects vibration or something like that (i will be getting more in depth allergy testing done soon) anyway she tested him on fish oil and he did react to it. So i'm glad that i took him off it after roughly 14 days a couple of weeks ago as i felt it really made his vocal tic worse. My question is would it be likely that he would also react to flaxseed oil? I didn't have any with me to so she could test him but he has been on
  15. Ok thankyou i will take a look and talk to our Natropath about it. One thing that is doing my head in is this candida diet!!! Dr Bruce semons book uses potatoes, pumpkin and other google pages say no starchy vegies, Then he doesnt use cinnamon and coconut but google searches say they are 2 of the biggest helpers in beating candida. Also he says no nuts but other candida diets have an allowable nut list. I'm sooooooo confused about what i'm feeding my son which is already super limmited due to him always being very fussy
  16. Thank Chemar for the response, It certainately has shown me that we are on the right track diet wise. We have no dr's diagnosis of the candida just from our natropath who did iridology and i dont like my chances of finding a dr willing to work with us in our area but i will keep trying. He is currently just on a bowl digest that she says helps repair the bowl/stomach connection then wants to put him on Candaplex, i'm not sure if its just a product for Australia but it has almost all the ingredietns the same as the Candida clear except for the one you mentioned :/ I will have to research th
  17. Hi I took my son to a birthday pary yesterday afternoon and gave in and let him have some mini pies and sausage rolls and a piece of birthday cake well within the hour he had all these body tics he has never had before. someone at the party was also spraying insect spray. When we got him home i immediately popped him in a epsom salt bath and gave him his second lot of multi vitamin and bowel digest. he also had to go to the toilet for number 2's and said he had a tummy ache. The tics he started at the pary have now dissapeared. We have been on a gluten free, low lactose (full dairy fr
  18. Hi, He has only been on it about 3 weeks so i can't really say yet if it's helping tic wise. My boy doesn't have any major motor tics and is mostly vocal for the last couple of months since vocal started. The vitamin definitely has great things in it for the brain and is used a lot in downs syndrome kids as well as those with ADHD so it would probably be even better for those with TS+. The Natropath seems to think when we are about half way through the tub we should start seeing some difference in his general wellbeing. We are also dealing with Candida and leaky gut for him which also impacts
  19. Hi My2boys, I think you can only get it through a natropath or practioner but maybe try a google search and see if it's possible to get online. My son is now taking double dose (the adult dose) as i checked out all the safe mg levels etc and he isnt getting constipated. Good luck
  20. Thanks for your input I might ask her what those fruits are as i'm not sure either. We have no diagnosis, Only told that when he was 4.5yrs he had mild anxiety with a tic disorder and to not be surprised if he he started vocals as well. Which he recently has at 6.5yrs. This then led to me researching and TS coming up A LOT then researching again for natural help and me feeling more positive which then led to a natropath and candida/leaky gut etc. Hoping to see a new paedatrician that is starting in our town soon but that could take forever and my gp isnt being real helpful :/ so i'm stic
  21. Hi My son is currently on a multi-vitamin given to us by our Naturopath that we started seeing and i know there are lots of ingredients in it that have been talked about on the forum that can be a great help but just wondering if anyone who has more experience with this can see anything on the list that might be alarming? http://www.bioconcepts.com.au/pdf/products/ORTHO/Cognisense.pdf The adult dose is 10g a day, He is on 5g a day so is only getting half the qty's. I know he can have more magnesium that the 50mg he would be getting from this but don't want to give him the adult dos
  22. Thanks for the welcome Chenmar Any chance you have some families from Australia on here? I've found it hard to find any blogs, forums etc with Australian families, Especially ones that talk about or are/have tried natural alternatives. Thanks
  23. Hi i'm a Newbie and just joined up. We were told my son had mild anxiety with a tic disorder at 4.5yrs and we left it at that he had a little bit of eye rolling and mouth opening and that was it. He is now 6.5yrs and 2 weeks before starting grade 1 he started with a very loud vocal tic. I immediately started researching and got him into a natropath who has found he has candida & leaky gut syndrome which can have many health complications so it may be good to rule that out. I've read that many people have had success with a gluten and dairy free diet, Low sugar and no additives or colours.
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