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  1. My daughter just recently started this tic within the past few weeks. Not sure if this is common but she actually developed 3 new tics pretty much all at the same time - eye rolling, a hand flapping/shaking and chin to chest sort of tic. They eye roll seems to bother her the most though
  2. This is so great to read! My 11 year old daughter will be starting the therapy next week. The tics have ramped up a lot since school started and has developed 2 new tics since going back - an eye rolling tic and a hand shake tic. I really hope that she gets a lot out of it. Thanks for sharing her experience
  3. I don't know but I can say that when starting the BonTech suppliments my daughters tics did increase a lot. especially vocal tics. After the first few days this went away.
  4. She seems to be doing well. We are now doing the full dosage (10 in the morning and 10 at night). The head tic that she has is still present and has not changed but if she does miss a dose it is worse than normal. I do notice that she is sleeping much better and not so grumpy in the mornings - I'm thinking due to the magnesium. I haven't heard any vocal tics in a while but I think this is just a waning period and not due to suppliments.
  5. I just realized I didnt fully answer your question we have only been on it for 3 days I did 5 the first day, 6 the second and 7 the first. I justasked her a few minutes ago if she felt any different since taking them and she did say she felt like she was ticcing more with the head jerks that she does..so apparently it isnt just vocals that have increased..I guess I just noticed this more since we havent had a vocal tic for a few months up until now. shes very excited about taking the suppliments and made me promise I wouldn't take them away. ive explained that this is not a cure and may possib
  6. thanks for your replies! I also emailed bontech and they were very quick in replying..like you mentioned, they told me to drop back down to five and increase at a slower rate. I upped it one a day since giving it to her. I will go back down to five and hold there for a few days. strangely enough it has seem to increase mainly vocal tics. ill report back in a week or so and let youknow how it goes!
  7. two days ago I started my 10 year old daughter on ts plus control. as recommended we started off with 5 (1/4 of the daily recommendation). the past two days I have noticed a huge increase in tics that werealreadypresent however she has been saying full sentence without even realizing it. last night while watching tv she said "it was one of my class mates" I responded bysaying "what?" andshe looked at me confused..when I told her what she had just said she said I didn't mean to say that. this has happened quit a few times in the past 2 days but never the same sentence..but im guessing this mig
  8. It really is! Forgot to mention I was told she was deficient in Magnesium and I'm really surprised to find so much on this board that deals with this very issue. I'm beginning to find this place very help, I love it!! I've posted on a few other forums with no response...they just seem to be rather slow
  9. Thanks for the input. I had a talk with the teacher at our conference and she was very open and understanding. She has in fact seen some signs at school but was unaware of exactly what the behavior was. DD usually turns around a few times every couple minutes looking over her left shoulder as if she is looking at something behind her. I can see how this is something that a teacher could get annoyed at or take it as if she is trying to talk kids behind her or look at someone's paper but she really isn't! Anyhow the teacher was a pleasure to speak with and very understanding. She did reccomend l
  10. Thank you both for your replies. Her father has told me that he has experienced some things that seem sort of similar...he has never been diagnosed but always thought they were signs of OCD. I really do not want to put her on any meds..I honestly do not think it's that bad. I'm guessing that her's is pretty mild. I just recently switched to a pediatrician that takes a more holistic approach. I guess the reason I am even considering the neurologist for a diagnosis is to try and get the school to help me more than they are now...if that makes sense.
  11. m the mom of a 10 yr old daughter. I've always know since she was little that there was something different but couldn't really put a name to it. At 3 she repeated the last word of her sentence over and over.."My breakfast is good, good, good, good, good." This lasted for a long time probably 2 years or so. After this went away she started sucking in her stomach constantly!! She also always made lots of noises. She had a throat clearing thing for months that finally went away. Now that she is 10 these tics have increased a lot! She has a head twitch that she does quite often (quickly swing
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