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  1. Hi to you both.....I just wanted to say that yes, for us at least it has got better. My son is now 14. He started with eye blinking at about the age 5 and moved on from there. His were always 'simple' tics and largely vocal - squeaks, throat clearing etc. He did also go through some shoulder jerking, as well but otherwise his physical tics were largely blinking, nose 'scrunging', lip licking etc....I will be honest and say I tried most things - diet, hypnosis, allergy treatments etc. Spent hundreds of dollars on being purely organic, supplements and so on.....Regardless they were just there.
  2. Hi all I have a 13yr old boy who has had 'mild' T.S since about the age of 6. It has never (so far at least) become severe - generally simple vocal tics and some facial tics. He seems to have no other learning issues etc and school barely notices the tics. However, they are constant - never waxing waning. I have been reading a lot about GABA and think, for various reasons that it might really help him (he doesn't take anything except magnesium and some B vits) I am just wondering if anyone could suggest a starting dose? We are currently living in Nairobi, Kenya and homeopaths are pretty m
  3. My son's tics - mainly vocal, started when he was six. He is now nearly 10 and they are almost constant! We are starting a programme of CBT next week with the therapist recommended by our Tourette's clinic doc.... Finger's crossed!!
  4. Sorry for delay in follow up...Haven't been on for a while.... Unfortunately I found no improvement at all and in fact the tics seemed worse for quite a while after the treatments. I stopped at three visits as they were hugely expensive and no improvement was noted. Hope that helps! Lisa
  5. Hi All My son has had tics since the age of six. They started with rapid blinking and eye rolling but now are almost exclusively vocal. He doesn't have a formal diagnosis of Tourettes because his specialist says he would have to have both motor and vocal tics together for a period of time and he never has. I have read recently that vocal tics can be linked quite strongly to allergies and am wondering if anyone has seen improvements in vocal tics after cutting out certain foods? I do give my son Magnesium, fish oils etc and we avoid colorants. He follows a very healthy diet and eats pretty m
  6. Well...As I have had no responses I thought it might be useful for others if I just let you know that my son has now had one session of hypnotherapy. So far no great reaction. He has a CD to listen to for 25 mins a day and another session next week.
  7. Hi all, My nine yr old developed his first tic at around 6 1/2 (rapid blinking). Since then he has had almost exclusively vocal tics. His are regarded as simple tics in that they are noises (squeaks, grunts) and also throat clearing, rather than words or sentences. He generally manages to suppress them at school - teachers don't seem to even notice them and he is never teased (thank god!. At home though, they are pretty much constant. I recently read that hypnotherapy has been used to successfully ease, if not eradicate both motor and vocal tics. I am wondering if anyone has tried this
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