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About Me

I am a thankful Mom who saw remarkable improvement in my son using nutritional and other natural treatments, many of which I first learned about through Latitudes, when it was still in print form. I am so appreciative of Sheila Rogers and the wealth of information she has opened up via ACN/Latitudes. Latitudes.org and the forums (plus endless prayers!) were a lifeline to me in helping my son, so I try to pay it forward here whenever I can!

My avatar shows my feelings when we came out of the dark tunnel of despair and realized there was hope and healing without the medications that were doing more harm than good! God really answered many prayers for my son, and one of them was finding Latitudes!

I am so thankful Sheila has written such helpful books, as they really provide so many resources for those seeking information on Tics and Tourette Syndrome.

Please note that where I can share information based on personal research and experience, this should never be considered as medical advice. Always consult with a qualified physician or health care professional, before using any treatment, conventional or alternative.

I do believe that as we are all such unique individuals, so too the manifestation of symptoms can be very variable from one person to another, and equally so the things that may be triggers, as well as possible treatments. Never stop exploring, seeking and investigating information....your light at the end of the tunnel may be just around the corner!

Here is my longtime thread, started in 2004, on The Treatments That Helped My Son, who was diagnosed TS 4 years prior, at 10yo. 


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