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"The Vaccine War"

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Where did Offit come up vaccines adding 30 years to lifespan? Anyone know of any such data?


I was looking for some of the charts that I have seen over the years and saw this article apparently written in response to the segment being discussed.




check out the graphs


The Vaccine War: A Forgotten History



Seems as though "Frontline" might be in for more than just the usual blow-back following this recent presentation! ^_^

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It's all so sickening. People just don't understand that there is corruption in every "big business". And if they do understand that, they think that it stops at newborn babies - NOT! It's the almighty dollar. Plain and simple. We need to protect our own. How did people become so dumb (myself included, as my 5 yo received 33 vaccines and my 2 year old received 14 before I said enough)? I mean 33 vaccines by age 4??? It really hit home when I came across my own vaccine schedule and I saw that I only received TEN VACCINES! And none of them were on the same day, or even the same week!


Yeah, Paul Offit can talk about extending life by 30 years but what does he have to say about QUALITY of life?


Oh, I could write a book on this. I witnessed both of my boys regress directly after vaccines and have been making it my life's work to get them back. Just such a sore spot for me!




To add icing on the cake, I open up one of those penny saver mailers you get and there's an ad looking for babies to take part in a RSV and Paraflu vaccine trial. Hey, but they'll pay the parents just under $900 to take part!
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