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  1. For those who don't know me, I have been a member of this group since 2009 when my boys were first diagnosed. I have not been as active in recent years b/c we have finally gained control over this beast of an illness. But I like to come back from time to time to give an update, and our 2-year mark seems like a good time to do so. First, I'd like to make a quick announcement...I am now studying to become a homeopath and plan to specialize in autism and pandas/pans. I am already working for a new asd/pandas holistic group as a Holistic Healthcare Consultant (guiding moms to the proper avenues wi
  2. Nystatin will not help c diff, in fact I would argue that it could "almost" be a contributing factor toward the development of c diff. The gut microbes have a limited amount of space in which to "live". When you kill one microbe off (nystatin kills yeast), you make room for another to move in it's place (such as c diff, klebsiella or even strains of gut-related strep). We were on the same merry-go-round of abx mentioned above (and antifungals, etc.), high dose probiotics, etc. In the end it all got out of control and we stopped all abx and now only give homeopathic remedies for all infections,
  3. I'm not sure if what I am about to tell you is at all related to what you are asking, but your daughter sounds like my youngest pandas son (I have two pandas boys). My youngest (4.5 years old) has had strep (group A) and pneumonia too many times to count in the past year. I had him muscle tested a month ago and (even tho it didn't come up in the labs when he was in the ped ICU) he tested positive for strep pneumonia. We do strictly homeopathic remedies for all illnesses (with the exception of the first round of pnuemonia b/c I panicked and took him to ER before calling homeopath, and of course
  4. also there is a c diff nosode that I have used with success for one of my boys. he only required 2 doses and it worked immediately...
  5. did this happen after the tuberculinum was administered? talk to homeopath. it is common for kids to get rashes after remedies as a form of detox or "die-off", although it could be strep and she could need a strep nosode asap...
  6. I dont' know which homeopath she used but my boys have had fabulous succes with homeopathy for over 18 months now and we usse a homeopath located in NYC who specializes in pandas and autism. Her name is Angelica Lemke and she does skype appts for almost all her patients and the child doesnt' even need to be present. It's expensive but sooo worth it. www.asdhomeopathy.com
  7. My sons and I have pandas. I tried SSRIs at first with great success and then I bottomed out and became suicidal and had to discontinue them. Abx helped but I had to be on treatment dose constantly and it was tearing up my stomach. Then I got all of us to a homeopath in NYC (via skype) who specializes in autim/pandas and she got us straightened out very quickly. This was 18 months ago and our pandas is still very much under control without abx or psych meds. I know many of ther kids/moms who are being treated by her with great success, so I would say Dr. K is absolutely wrong about the necessi
  8. My boys have a history of c. diff (from too many abx). We used to use vancomycin (must be oral, not IV) or flagyl, but be careful: if you are going to go chasing gut bugs, have lots of probiotics on board (twice a day) and you may even see the need for diflucan or an herbal yeast fighter if you see yeast start to flare from the abx. And just FYI, we switched over to homeopathy 18 months ago and we had clostridia flare once since then and it was taken care of by a remedy called Clostridia Difficile nosode. My son only needed two doses. But this approach should be overseen by a homeopath.
  9. Does your child receive a zinc supplement? That would reduce copper. If so, maybe you need to reduce the dosage. If you are supplementing copper, watch out, it you go too high you might to see more mental symptoms...
  10. I don't think anyone is too old to get help. I am 38 and myself and my boys are being successfully treated.
  11. So I glanced at the date on the computer this morning and noticed that it has been 18 months today since we switched from standard pandas tx to classical homeopathy. My boys continue to do well with their constitutional remedies and strep nosodes when strep comes around. In fact, we have strep in the house right now and all 4 of us are taking a sip of the strep nosode a few times a day. PANDAS sx (theirs and mine) and sore throats are very much under control. For those who don't know our story (and because I know I will be asked), my boys are 4 and 7 and they have had pandas since they wer
  12. I have two sons with pandas, the youngest has developmental delay and speech apraxia. I have seen a definite correlation with pandas/strep, all gains go out the window and he turns "inward" (if I were to get an eval on a pandas day, he would be classic autism). My son's pandas is now under control and many of the delays are improving, with speech apraxia being the slowest to come along. We do classical homeopathy.
  13. While not actually "homeopathic", an herb called Grapefruit Seed Extract would be great but follow it up (an hour or so later) with good probiotics. Oil of Oregano would knock it out but can be hard on the gut. Personally, we use classical homeopathic remedies but you would need a homeopath really to do this. I just got rid of a vaginal yeast infection very easily with my remedy.
  14. Scott Smith in northern NJ is very good. Also we have had fantatic succes with Pierre Fontaine/Angelica Lemke in NYC, they specialize in homeopathy for ASD/pandas.
  15. that's a good point. we have had some funky stuff come up on throat cultures before. staph, enterobacteria...
  16. Well I see a professional homeopath who specializes in ASD and PANDAS. She has each of my sons (and myself) on a constitutional remedy (a remedy selected based on our own unique expression of the illness). My oldest's constitutional remedy is ignatia (which you could google for more info), which also was mine up until recently. My youngest son and myself are now taking carcinosin (a popular asd/pandas remedy, but there are so many so please don't self-prescribe). Anyway, we take this constitutional remedy whenever symptoms flare (could be every day or could be once every week, just depends on
  17. I've never used plea sans strep but I do use a strep pyogenes nosode which is similar. and I don't leave home without it!!
  18. I have some amazing news about Bradley... clear it soon or I'll stalk your phone...
  19. Thanks, ladies! Hey, I figure that for every 99 people who think I'm the kooky homeopathy lady, there is always 1 who responds to my posts and whose life is changed b/c of it. So I keep "putting myself out there" LOL
  20. You could just give him some supplements which support methylation and see how he responds. When my son tested positive (hetero) I tried one of his supplements (which contained TMG and several others) and WOW! It was like all the gears in my brain started moving better than they ever had. I had some auditory processing difficulties which vanished immediately! We also never had my other son tested b/c he responded well to the supplements...
  21. BTW, people have asked me before if I think that my boys' have become strep carriers since starting homeopathy. I suppose it's a possibility, although I dont' care so much at this point b/c pandas sx always resolve (and faster and faster as we go). However, I WOULD like to see my boys STOP getting strep 4 times per year. That part hasn't changed. BUT I am told by some that this is their bodies resolving old infections that were suppressed. Time will tell and I will feel incredibly blessed if we can get this down to a once or twice a year thing...
  22. Love Belladonna! I have used it several times along with strep nosode for sudden onset pandas. Works like magic. Also, fabulous for fevers:) Glad to hear of your progress!
  23. Our homeopath is located in NYC. I do my consults via skype but you could also go to her office if you wish. www.asdhomeopathy.com Pierre is the main homeopath, his wait is long and consult fee is very high. Angelica is who we see, shorter wait, lower fees and very very good If I remember right, she is at Lexington and 32nd. haven't been to their office in a year...
  24. I kind of hesitated posting this here b/c I just read all the horrible things our kids are going through and I really don't want this to come across as gloating or like I am just being a pain in the rear with all my homeopathy posts. But I find the effective management of my two severe pandas sons' pandas sx to be a miracle (and if you know our hx you probably do too). I am just hoping to reach out to anyone in need of hope or a different path. So here it is: we are 15 months into homeopathy. My son recently got sick with what appeared to be a stomach virus. Vomitted all night and we took
  25. I honestly wonder if my oldest son's first exacerbation was when he was 3 months old, I just remember him being a BEAR to deal with during the whole month of feb following his first illness (bronchiolitis). But his definite first really bad textbook exacerbation was at 20 months following his MMR shot:(. Very clingy, crying all the time, meltdowns when things not going exactly his way (wrong cup, wrong bowl, blah blah blah) oh and a facial grimace with head turned to side. My other son's first exacerbation was at 15 months. Sudden-onset eye tics and severe tantrums and instability (among m
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