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Breathing tic out of control


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Sorry to hear about your trouble. I too have pretty intense tics. So many annoying and embarassing ones. I have one where I have to constantly blow as if I'm blowing into a whistle all day long. I know the people I work with can hear it, but what can I do. I treid so many things that didnt work. I recently found a product called OPC-3. I started using this about 3 months and can't tell you how great the improvement has been. Here is a link to it. I have found great relief. Hope this helps.

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I'm trying to obtain the information given by lovemyboyz regarding NAET and the NP in Palo Alto, Burlingame area. Also, any other helpful information would be very much appreciated. My son (10) has had a breathing tic for some time, however, it has peaked just recently where it's much more sever, and non stop for periods at a time. We have him going to a craniosacral clinic in Los Gatos, where he receives cranial and chiropractic therapy. It's difficult to determine if it's helps, or just catching the cycles of the tics, but at a minimum it helps release the tension in his neck and muscles that's produced by the tics. We would like to see if another cranioscral clinic could provide more results. If lovemyboyz can reply to me that would be great.

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I would also read up on the GAPS diet. As I think whether it is Pandas or non-genetic Tourettes it all starts in the gut, and as you mentioned your child has a very restricted diet ... I would assume it is a lot of carbs, starches, and sugars ... is a pretty standard thing for GAPS kids. The good thing about the GAPS book is even if you do not try the full diet, just incorporate a few things, or none it all, it still does a wonderful job of explaining how the digestive system is related to immune health and neurological health ... how things generally get messed up in the first place, and how to fix it. What is good for the gut and what is not ... etc.


I think all people, or parents of people, with neurological symptoms should read and understand the concepts in the GAPS book.



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I am a 33 year old man with mild case of Tourette’s. I have had various tics throughout my life, usually one at a time sometime 2. 

The one that has been most consistent is my head shaking where I shake my head like I’m saying”no”. 

Recently, about a month or so I have developed a new tic. This like grunting/ pushing air out of my lungs tic, similar to what you have described. 


It it is affecting my breathing and the more I try to control it the more I seem to “forget “ to breath. 


Any my advice from anyone in this forum would be great. I have become very self conscious about my Tourette’s, something I haven’t felt in many years. But this new tic is drawing a lot of attention, which makes me more anxious and causes me to tic more often. 

Help! :(

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