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  1. No my boys are not on meds. I am trying to go the natural route. What suppliments have you tried? Have you had any success? It is confusing and alot to read thru and educate yourself on.. I think most of the parents on this site are better informed than some of the Dr.s. Sorry to hear about your recent Break Down. I swear you have to be a parent going thru this to understand those moments! Well we have to fight to help our kids and we get back up for another day! Hopefully better than the last.
  2. So the breathing tic stopped but now a new hands to the chest tic has started! Seriously, this is some kind of crazy... He has never had any real issues and not 2 major tics in a weeks span? I have racked my brain trying to figure out what could have brought this on and nothing comes to mind. Oh even stranger, my 16 year old had this hand to chest tic about 3 weeks ago. It was a new tic that he had never had before, and now my 8 year old gets the same tic only much more severe??? Any ideas??? Nothing has changed in diet for either one of them... I have always had sensory issues with my 8 year old and they too seem to be more severe with the onset of these tics. I am looking into the pandas but he really does not have many of the symptoms I have read about. The OCD is mild and the main problem has always been sensory. I am going to move forward with starting Bonnies Suppliments and getting testing done with GREAT PLAINS Labs. They seem to cover all the tests and best of all I think my insurance will cover it.... Does anyone thing that the STEVIA that is in the Natural Calm could cause this new hand to chest tick??? I would not explain my older son since he has been taking it for months, but my younger just stared it.
  3. Thanks so much for all the helpful posts. I have went back and forth with the Pandas but I am so overwhelmed that I feel as if I am just starting to get an understanding on the TS. My 16 year old had what the Dr.s called transient tics. They came and went off and on. It has only been recently the last 6 months that I would describe them as constant. He blinks and clears his throat, a little bit. We have started him on suppliments 6 months ago and continue to experiment with things. The Neuro we went to said it it TS( but honestly he only spent 5 min. with us). He has been breaking out alot and I am hoping that it is due to hormones that we have seen a spike in tics suddenly. My 8 year old did have strep throat when he was 1. It's hard to say if this is Pandas because at about age 2 we started testing for Autism. He had been diagnosed with Apraxia of the speech. He went to speech therapy and now the speech is fine. We did not do any type of therapy for the OCD mainly because it is minor and only seems to be an issue of and on. Some weeks he is stressed if his routine is broken other times he could care less. Also, insurance will not cover any of the services and we had to pay $1000 per month for speech... 3 years of it! When he was tested to see if he was on the spectrum it was concluded that he was not. So the best I can say is he is a bit off socially and seems immature for his age. He is very smart and no issues with motor skills or anything. Reading on Pandas I saw that most parents can describe the exact date of the onset. I can't say that really. It has always been an uphill battle with him and he has gotten better and better with age. Also, he has never had any tics till recently. He is truly my little medical mystery. No real diagnosis. Does not fall into any real catagory. He is a true character, everyone that meets him is overhelmed by his larger than life personality!!! With that said I have ordered the Saving Sammy book to go thru and I guess I need to figure out how to start testing for Pandas. From what I understant it is all about finding the right DR. I live in Vacaville, Ca. Near Sacramento and San Fran. But honestly traveling to any other state is not out of the question either. If you know of any great Dr. dealing with disagnosing Pandas I would love to know. I have to say that last night when he started hitting himself I was so overwhelmed with fear I can't seem to see a happy ending to this. I ask GOD each day to give me direction and answers on how to help the boys. I mean he gave me these beautiful kids. I just hope to find some answers soon because this is truly taking a toll on my marriage and realtionship with my older son. I feel like I have been having mini breakdowns every day. I do the best to hide it but they know. I know that all of you know exactly what I am taking about..... Nice to know that i'm not crazy and other parents understand. Thanks again for the support!
  4. My 8 year old son suddenly started this out of control breathing tic last night. It's like he is forcing the air out of his lungs with such force he makes a weird croup like sound. He went to school today and told me he tried really hard to hide it from his friends so that they would not stop playing with him. He said it is so embarressing to him and they will not like him anymore. He has never had much of an issue with tics, my older 16 year old son is the one that has had them on and off since age 5. My 8 year old just recently started with a little bit of sniffling. Tonight it was so out of control that I had go into the bathroom and turn on the shower just so that my family would not hear me crying my eyes out! I have spent the last 6 months trying to get my 16 year olds tics under control and now this! I gave my 8 year old son an epson salt bath and some natural calm. He went to bed but I heard him in there doing this crazy breathing tic and then he started crying... He said that he is not feeling it working?? I asked what he meant and he said that when he pushes the air out he is not feeling it. He says the medicine I gave him ( the bath and natural calm) is making it so that he can't feel it when he breaths it out! Okay at this point he is hitting himself in the face and freaking out because he is not getting the same feeling with this tic as he was getting??? WHAT IS GOING ON! I am so scared! My 16 year old son has been through tics like the facial blinking and throat clearing but nothing like this! I have no idea what to do. I am truly at the end of my rope. My 8 year old has some OCD and scensory issues. His diet is so boring and consistant due to him only eating a select variety of foods. He seems to be a bit behind socially compared to other kids his age, but we had him checked to see if he was on the spectrum and he is not. I can best describe him and a little quirky. He is very smart and loves to be the center of attention, however he does not adapt well to situations. He gets something in his mind set and it is almost impossible to break him from it. That's were the OCD comes into play. This is killing me because he already has such a hard time making friends and now I this as an added social hurdle for him. Sorry to go on and on.... I have no support from my husband who lives in the world of "It will all work out!" Meanwhile I am reading ever book and post I can find to get the best idea for suppliments and what triggers may cause the tics. I was feeling so overwhelmed just trying to figure things out for my 16 year old and now my baby get hit with tics in overdrive! If anyone has any experiance with this type of breathing tic I would love to hear from you... Thanks
  5. yes I think it is related to the mag taurate. I am gonna stick to the mag by itself. Thanks so much for the input!!!!
  6. Nothing has changed in his diet. The only change has been the suppliments going from Mag Citrate to Mag taurate. Not sure what else to consider.
  7. SO we started Mag Taurate 500 mg about a week ago. Suddenly a new tic with his wrist. He is flexing his left wrist and bending it. I can't figure out what has brought this new one on. Has anyone had any issues with Mag Taurate causing new tics?
  8. So my son age 16 who has had tics on and off since age 5 has been having the same cronic tics since before Christmas. In He has been on several suppliments and things seemed to get better for a few months, but now they are back will not go away. After alot of reading and helpful posts I have added some suppliments and praying to see some improvement soon. I am a little unclear about the Niacin issue? I would prefer to use the no flush but all I can seem to find is inositol hexanicotinate. Is this the same as Inositol Nicotinate? I was thinking 500 mg a day. His current program is: Gaba 500MG Prim Royal 1500MG B6 100MG Calcium Citrate 300mg b12-methylcobalamin 1000mcg sublingual Mag Taurate 500 Mg Zinc 25mg Vit C 500 mg Any input would be great. We have been on this for the last week but I have seen any change so far.... Hopeful that adding Niacin will help. Thanks!
  9. SO days of reading these god sent posts and filling my notebook with tons of info has gotten me to were I feel comfortable with what suppliments to add into my sons current regiment. I would however really like to get him tested before hand to see about mineral deficiencies or overload. I asked his Neurologist if we could run blood tests and he informed me that lack of any minerals has nothing to do with TS. Yup that's what he said! Ohhh I can go on an on about what an ***** he is! Anyway, seeing as how the DR. has been no help and actually laughed at me when I gave him a list of the suppliments my son is currently on, I am reaching out to all of you, the "Real EXperts" to see if you have any suggestions on who to go to for testing of mineral deficiences? Checking Magneium, Zinc, Copper ect. Does it matter if his DR. runs the test? I would think that there has to be a much more experienced source to review and analize the tests. All Dr.s I have seen seem to have a one size fits all method! I live in Vacaville, Ca. Near Sacramento area.
  10. No recent illness. I have no idea other than the caffine and red drink... I do notice that when he gets upset or stressed the tics increase. It is like putting a puzzle together. I feel like the more time I spend trying to figure it out the more attention I draw to it. He is so sick of me asking what he ate, what time he went to bed, if he is upset about something on and on and on.... Exhausting for us both but not sure what else to do when I am playing detective everyday!
  11. The eye blinking yes with the soda. The new tics I have no idea! Has anyone noticed an increase of tics or new tics around the age of 16? His hormones are crazy, his face is breaking out and now the tics increased? Can it be the age?
  12. nope, nothing new. He was using the suppliments as usual and then the tics started. I asked what had changed and he told me he had soda and some drink with red food coloring. It has been 3 weeks of not soda and still the tics have not eased up???? Eye twitching, a weird burping type noise and flexing of the abs. The abs flexing is new and he has never done this before. My 8 year old however does the abs thing all the time.
  13. Ah ha! Thanks! I could not figure this out... I wanted to say Thanks for all the info. I am going to go thru all the info and see what to add to his current routine. He only has tics not any other issues with ocd or other things I have read about here. My younger son however does have OCD and sensory issues. He has started with tics as well. So I am taking in all the info I can to be better prepared for him as well. My problem is that my 8 year old will is so sensitive to texture and smell that it is nearly impossible to get any suppliments down. Liquid is all he can tolerate. I have used the Natural Calm that was mentioned, my 16 year old takes his suppliments with it. He had soda over a weekend camping trip and on the tics came! The worst I have seen in years! I just did not expect it to be going on 3 weeks later. Is it common for a trigger like soda to last for weeks after? So many ?'s . I at least feel hopeful now that I have a resource for information. Thanks again...
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