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TV - ABC 20/20 program on Tourette's

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Thanks Faith and Tom's Mom :huh:

It is hard to relive it but at the same time brings such relief to see how far he has come! Most people meeting him now dont even realize he has TS.








we had a long and hard withdrawal from the meds....titrated down and then many months where withdrawal symptoms still present even tho he was already off the meds. But we persevered and fine tuned the supplements and dietary changes plus regular acupuncture, reflexology and biofeedback detox along with those oh so valuable epsom salts detox baths. Patience, perseverance and prayer were what got us through those months of readjustment..............



I will never forget the joy I felt when I saw those dull glazed drugged eyes regain their sparkle <_<


There is an excellent book by Dr Peter Breggin called Your Drug May Be Your Problem.



Thanks I just think my danny has something different.. Ive tried supplements biofeedback accupuncture and lots of praying supplements seemed to make things worse I just recieved his allergy tests back he does have some severe allergys according to the tests and he needed vitamine D hes going to get an eeg tues maybe they can shed some light on this Who knows Im just really depressed I feel hopeless He also has aspergers so maybe thats why ? Melanie

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Melanie, doesnt he also have PANDAS? or was that just something you were trying to rule out


if PANDAS it is an entirely different scenario and yes, so is Aspergers


untreated allergies can severely disrupt the system and also prevent supps etc from working correctly as the body is continuously waging war on allergens


have you ever tried Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

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