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How about this theory


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Hi everyone,


I have been looking into a connection as to why my dd starts with tics and asd symptoms every time we try and kill off yeast. I need to thank Kim for putting me onto this theory, and can I run this idea by everyone to see if I'm on the right road. Good news first, tics and symptoms are reducing after stopping yeast treatment.


Hope this makes sense;


When the yeast dies it produces a mass of aldehyde toxins. The body then uses its stores of molybenum and pantethine to rid the body of these toxins.


The body then runs out of these two important nutrients. Pantethine however is used in the manufacture of acetylcholine, which is a very important neurotransmitter.


This neurotransmitter then stops functioning due to the lack of pantethine ( which I think is also vit B5 but is sold as pantothenic acid). This may trigger the tics.


Also the adrenal gland is affected, by the lack of pantethine, an anti-stress nutrient. When this gland works insufficiently, the symptoms can be


lowered immune function

anxiety (could this be the reason for the hyperness)

and depression (dd also becomes tearful and moody, not usually her nature)


The lack of molybdenum in the body can also cause an excess of copper, tungsten and other nasties. Then we also have a sulfate problem causing even more toxin build up. Result-maybe more tics. Lack of normal sulfation seems to be a big problem with asd children and adults, and dd starts stimming during die-off.


This is where I need to gain all your experience in supplements,


I have first introduced cod liver oil for the vit A at normal RDA dose


Added 5mg of pantothenic acid to build up stores in body (may increase up to 10mg if we see no reaction to this)


Choline citrate at 7mg (to go to 14mg) for the supplement to make acetylcholine for neurotransmitter


With regards to molybdenum, we are going to supplement at RDA as she is so dinky (17kg). However will include foods rich in natural molybdenum that she is not sensitive to.


When we have followed this path for a few weeks, we are going to start the yeast die-off again, very slowly. We have to kill this overgrowth off as I feel this is an important factor for her gut health.


Does anyone see a connection that I feel may be the trigger with having tics with yeast die-off.


Thanks for any insights and suggestions.



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I have seen a THEORY that yeast (candida) actually serves the purpose of trapping heavy metals in the gut, so when it dies off they are released. I will try to find the source for you. I think the author's point was to kill yeast off slowly.

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Hi Lurker,


That sounds like a very intresting theory, and thinking about it, nature must of given these little nasties some important role in the body. We need to have a long chat with our Dr about heavy metal testing and detox.


I have read that hair testing can show heavy metals, but because she is showing asd symptoms I know that these children hold on to heavy metals, I must read posts on heavy metal testing and see if they are available in UK.


Thankyou for mentioning this, and I would love to read article.




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when my son was on the anti candida diet and supps at first, we were advised by our physician to do simultaneous acupuncture/biofeedback/reflexology along with additional detox methods to minimize the effect of the die off. It really did help very much, along with the daily epsom tubs and LOTS of pure water


interesting theory jules and likely with much merit


I think that many different things can trigger tics and it is probably a combo of different factors that work together to "cause" them just as many things work together to help reduce them

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Hi Cheri,


Thankyou for your reply. I have looked into reflexology, and we are going to book a course, its great as little lady loves massages. Could you please tell me a little about biofeedback as not quite sure what it is.


I think she does need a very gentle form of detox, and a very safe method.






PS I would love to try acupuncture with her, but i think she would punch someone who tried that. will have long chats with her thou

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Your little one sounds so much like my son. I am thinking of using Candida Clear. I wonder if we can start with a very small amount only once a week or something? Is that not enough? Just how slowly can we go to prevent the release of all of the toxins and make things worse?


What were you doing to kill off the yeast? How long did it take for the tics to slow down after you stopped?


Thanks for any info you can share!

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