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My daughter was diagnosed with pandas three years ago after a sudden onset of crippling OCD intrusive thoughts. She had previously had episodic stretches of eye blinking tic, urinary frequency, generalized anxiety, and some OCD tendencies but the thoughts knocked everything out of the ballpark. They came on fast and took over. AFter 5 or 6 months of we found a pans doc who put found that she'd had mono and probable Lyme (equivocal ELISA test but negative WB) and put her on ABX for many months. The thoughts disappeared and we had our daughter back - quicky but totally free of horrible obsesive thoughts of violence/sexual/social stuff. Flash forward two years. She gets abx resistant respiratory staph (along with her sister, who also had strep) and then she gets diagnosed AGAIN with mono. Exactly two months later the thoughts come roaring back like a bad dream and starts again for our family, especially me (mom) who she confesses to. No doctor could explain why my 11 year old has had mono twice in her life and her regular family practice doc says it isn't pans and that lyme docs are quacks. Great conversation we had before I took my children elsewhere. After visits to PANS psychologist and LLMD's were uncover that she is lyme positive both CDC and IGenex. IGM Bands 31 ++,39+, 41+, 83-93+, but IGG band 41++ only. HEr LLMD starts her on ABX on top of anti-inflammatories prescribed by PANS doc. (Turmeric and EPA) LLMD says we will never know how old the lyme is, though from what I read IGM means acute (not old) infection.

I have so many questions. My daughter had multiple bites as a young child in the NE states and I know now they were mishandled. No prophylactic abx, improper removal of ticks (including a time I totally botched it and the head was detached). She had chronic drenching night sweats as a four year old, along with extreme night terrors and major sensory issues. She also had massive reactions to any bug bites and every summer ended up in the ER when a fly bite led to her eye swollen shut or her nose or face disfigured. She also had bites on her back that for 6 years flared up periodically. No doctor could explain it. They would be red and hot and itchy, despite being years old - this would happen every 3 months or thereabouts and came along with a deterioration in behavior. I feel intuitively and practically that this lyme is old, but I can't know for sure, according to our doctor. IF it is an infection aquired 8 years ago I worry for my daughter. I just want to understand, and I want her to be healthy. I see how tired she is, out of breath from the simplest bike ride or run or typical childhood activities. We went roller skating today and she kept collapsing next to me out of breath. :( Her ped. detected a bit of breathing abnormality indictative of lung inflammation but had no suggestion of what it might be due to; and suggested steroids. We did not go this route. Looking for hope, feedback, insight. I feel so sad and stressed. I live and breathe for my children. BTW her LLMD was surprised that her Igenex babesiosis was negative.

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Hi Rachel,


You are living my life a few years ago. I'm so sorry you and your daughter are going through this. I haven't posted in awhile, always waiting for the other shoe to drop. But now I am a busy hockey mom, my daughter will attend a NE prep boarding school next fall, she has a summer job, and I am resuming my life too - I guess it is time.


My daughter, now 15, at age 9 presented the exact same way as yours, in almost every way. She lived outside on our deck the summer she got sick, wouldn't enter the house. We were fortunate that a few moms on this forum sent us looking beyond PANDAS and my daughter also tested very strongly positive for Lyme. Although it is tough to tell, the doctors said it was over a year old, and looking back we thought perhaps 3-4 years.


For 5 years she was off and on non-functional with crippling OCD being the primary symptom. She did have night sweats the first two years as well. We found our way to a doctor who treated for Lyme and also clinically for babesia and bartonella, with keflex, zithromax, mepron, plus herbs. She got better very quickly and returned to school. Eventually she relapsed and was home again. Couldn't eat any anything I cooked, couldn't go outside, lost 20 pounds, sat in one corner of the couch - it was horribly sad.


Then a mom on this forum gave me her appointment with Dr. H in Hyde Park. Prior to this we flew to CA and Denver for our doctors, who were very good but just not in our lives often enough. She went on IV antibiotics for 6 months, improved again. Then fell back somewhat. Doctor put her on Lariam (very aggressive drug) for babesia - after 4 years during which she was always treated for babesia, she finally tested positive! Quick turnaround.


Back to school and sports. Still some OCD but not as crippling. Still very hard on the family. A year later doctor determines she is largely autoimmune at this point. Moves to LDI/LDA treatment one year ago last month. Today she claims she is 100%. No OCD at all, for the first time in 6 years. She will continue this treatment, a small pinprick shot every 8 weeks.


My daughter just spent the past 4 months with a school that traveled throughout South America living out of a backpack. She was the youngest of 16 girls there. She got top grades, went on 30 mile treks at high altitude, exhibited no OCD, and returned a different and more mature person. I never could have imagined that this would be possible for her.


Our story is long and we were all very sad for those years. Sad for the loss of a childhood. Financially very, very difficult as well, we made and still make many sacrifices. Our memories are hard, but now we are all healing fast. It is amazing what good health will do to erase past trauma. My daughter is looking forward to her future with high hopes.


Stay hopeful, keep looking, and never ever give up.







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