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  1. My daughter was diagnosed with pandas three years ago after a sudden onset of crippling OCD intrusive thoughts. She had previously had episodic stretches of eye blinking tic, urinary frequency, generalized anxiety, and some OCD tendencies but the thoughts knocked everything out of the ballpark. They came on fast and took over. AFter 5 or 6 months of we found a pans doc who put found that she'd had mono and probable Lyme (equivocal ELISA test but negative WB) and put her on ABX for many months. The thoughts disappeared and we had our daughter back - quicky but totally free of horrible obsesive
  2. It has been such a long road. I am so exhausted from trying to help my dd (11). She began symptoms of ocd around age 6 with obsessive urination (6x per half hour), eye tic. The urination thing would only happen periodically - it either happened, or it didn't. She would have no sign of it for some time, then it would reappear for a few weeks. First round of pneumonia occured prior to this, along with several tick bites (we lived in a tick-infested area of New England). Fast forward to age 8 or so and she suddenly was incapacitated by intrusive thoughts (ocd). The urination obsession sta
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