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Hello folks. My pandas son, age 9 just completed a psychological eval. The good news is that over all he did pretty well. However, during testing, it was apparent that anytime a task required the sole use of Auditory Processing , he bombed.


Examiner wants us to see an Audiologist.


Question: Is there any real treatment for this? My concern is putting him through another battery of test, only to find out what we already know....He has just been through so much.


I am trying to be careful about putting him through any unneccesary testing.


Any insight would be extremely helpful.


Thanks, Q

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If you can cut to the chase, I would find a place that can supervise this (see link), then he does it for an hour at home. I am planning to do the same with my younger son who has milder PANS than my elder.




You can read more about it in The Brain That Heals Itself, an excellent book just out by Norman Doidge, MD.

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