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  1. Hi, glad you are talking about Vax issues. I am just now watching interviews with Vaxxed2 filmmakers https://www.brighteon.com/6baad468-b7d4-4c2e-bc22-30db4ec55f53 I just don't use google whenever possible. That's all. Time has come for cabal overthrow.
  2. Hi everyone, haven't posted since 2015 Well, as it turns out, I did end up with two Pans boys. I went into denial about the second one but it became evident the second one was showing behaviors that were not neurotypical. His flareup when he got sick included "spells" in which things got bigger and things got smaller and he was in terror. Not fun. Then there were hours of animal noises. Anyway... My older boy is 19 now and is coping by himself, thanks to his friendship with a healer. HIs tics are still bad alas. But he is high functioning and is somewhat of a starseed, so I appreciate that. He is on CBD, a little marijuana to reduce stress, and generally avoids doctors and harmaceuticals. That's my boy! He works as a nanny and is taking classes in early childhood development. Those who know my son's history know this has been quite a journey and I know all of you have had your share of journeys on this front! This boy also has a genetic disorder that is another strike against him. We knew this since birth but underplayed it and didn't even tell him for the longest time because he had enough strikes against him. He handled it well but despite living at home, he is going through an anti-family phase. He would like more friends and a girl friend. He is active in the anti=vax movement in NY which has imposed mandatory vaccinations for all. He plays drums. My younger son is 13, does not have a genetic condition, is adopted from another country, but it took a rather unorthodox treatment to have him come to me and say his rages were done. I am going through divorce so I have not seen him much lately as I don't live in the same city but he does seem calmer. I would like him to get CBD as well. If you would like to know about the unorthodox treatment, I have done it myself and removed a tumor from my kidney. DUCKDUCKGO Dr. Jennifer Daniels for more information. My son plays guitar and is a budding baseball star. His schoolwork is average because it's boring to him. I have just completed work on a hemp farm where we grew product that is being made into oils. Organic, pure. Please feel free to ask me questions about it. It is hard at an advancing age (I feel great though) to start a new life. Thanks to everyone for your continued support of our kids and us, the parents. Michael
  3. Hello, all! My son is on a very strict diet (SCD) to deal with his symptoms, tics, ocd, etc. He has come a long way but he feels isolated. Do any of you have teens who would like to communicate with him and talk about how bad sugar is, how everyone gets sicker with it, etc etc. He would love it if that person were in the NYC area. Thanks and good luck to everyone! Michael
  4. Hi, Sydney! Here is an article quickly for us all to look at. http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/614451/Disease-ticks-discovered-unaffected-antibiotics I know Healers Who Share. They have done wonders but my son needed to buy a year and half's worth to stabilize and it didn't seem practical. The whole house had to take the waters for gut problems for a while as part of the deal. Glad you believe you can get better. You should definitely find someone with a Rife machine, as Suzan notes. That could be very helpful if you do it every day without fail for a few weeks. It reversed my son's sensory OCD by 75 %. Good luck!
  5. Beerae listen to everyone else. I stayed in denial on my second son for a long time. We got him abx and saw improvements. I may have more to report at a later date. Please everyone, watch Truth About Cancer. Buy a copy and have screenings or something. Best wishes
  6. Jeez, it gets worse, folks. Look at this. Three alternative doctors and mysterious deaths. http://www.healthnutnews.com/3rd-alternative-prominent-doctor-from-florida-found-dead-in-2-weeks-authorities-say-md-was-murdered/
  7. Can JuliaFaith talk about the Bemer mat? My healer says it will do wonders for PANS but only after consistent use for 18 months or so, which is tough. Thanks!
  8. Bumping. Looking for updates here..... Thanks.
  9. Well, you are getting to this early, so that should help. It is a good time to work with a therapist using CBT if she is cooperative. Anxiety is part and parcel of PANS/PANDAS so it's not surprising. For anxiety, I recommend omega 3s. Specifically ones that have 90% EPA and 10% DHA. The high levels of EPA reduce anxiety, according to studies. I believe its 1000 mg a day. My younger son has been doing it (I wish the older one would but he hates swallowing anything) and doing better on it. Our brand is Minami Nutrition Plus EPA. You may need to consult with your PANDAS doctor on this as well.
  10. Pharma money, hand in hand with government.... The organization that conducted the study is the Lewin Group, a corporate healthcare consulting firm based in Falls Church, Virginia. The Lewin Group works with a wide range of players in the medical establishment. Most notably major pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Novo Nordisk among others. It should be noted that at least two out of these three corporations are not only vaccine proponents, they are vaccine manufacturers. The Lewin Group also works with a number of major medical and pharmaceutical associations and organizations like the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America association. In addition to working with the federal, state and local governments, the Lewin Group works with a variety of foundations such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Heritage Foundation as well as a large number of hospitals, health systems, and healthcare providers. The Lewin Group is especially involved in major medical insurance programs like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Now New York, LA Care Health Plan, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Wellcare among many others. In addition to these big connections to pharmaceutical companies and the medical establishment, the mainstream media attempts to present the Lewin Group as being free from the influence of their own clients and associates. In addition, the mainstream media conveniently leaves out the fact that the Lewin Group is not independent in as much as it is owned by the nation's largest health insurer, United Health Group.
  11. I know Dr Schulman in Brooklyn does. Susan Schulman. You can get her info off the Net. She talks to people in Israel and Greece.
  12. I found this right away. http://www.amazon.com/Jarrow-Formulas-Pterostilbene-Vegetarian-Capsules/dp/B005ACNW5S Talks about inflammation and similarity to resveratrol. Reduced oxidative stress and a properly modulated inflammatory response seem to be at the root of enduring health, particularly cardiovascular health. In vitro and animal studies suggest pterostilbene has positive effects on multiple inflammation-related biomarkers.*
  13. http://www.drshrader.com/lda_physicians.htm Not IVIG, LDA....
  14. Oh, yes, there are quite a lot of people on the East Coast. Drs Bock and Compain are versed in it. They are in Rhinebeck, NY We see Dr.Marjorie Ordene in Brooklyn, she does it. I am sure if you check Dr Shafer's website, there is a list of practitioners who caan do it for you. How far upstate are you? I can't say it has been successful but we have one more treatment and we don't treat lyme. My son's allergies are better when he stays off gluten and artificial colorings and sweeteners. Good luck!
  15. http://www.naturalblaze.com/2015/04/glyphosate-one-of-3-herbicides-causing.html Antibiotic resistance caused by glyphosate.
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