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Zeolite, how to take?

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Can anyone help with how to take Zeolite.


I purchased the powder form and it states "Does not mix well in water" They suggest putting it in yogurt but we are dairy free.


Can I mix in applesauce? or something else.


My DS is great with taking anything. I'm sure if I did put in water he would just down it, how much water, full glass?


Also do you detox everyday or maybe just on weekends?


I'm assuming you need a 4 hour window just like activated charcoal so at best I can only do this once a day.....good enough? For how long, weeks, months?


thanks for any help


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Here is the zeolite product Julie McIntyre recommended to us:




On the right hand side of the page it says it can be mixed with food, and doesn't specify yogurt.


I still haven't jumped on the zeolite bandwagon, but may do that in the future. I don't think zeolite is as efficient at binding as charcoal, we use diatomaceous earth for that reason as well. We dose supplements at 8:00 am, diatomaceous earth and probiotics at 11:00 am, supplements at 3:00 pm, diatomaceous earth and probiotics at 5:00 pm, supplements at 9:00 pm.


We are using DE and cilantro as a natural way to chelate metals. It isn't quick like chemical chelation, but I wasn't comfortable with that route and so we use the slower more natural option. We noticed a difference in EMF sensitivity within a couple of weeks, but will continue for months/years.

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Hi rowingmom,


thanks, that is the one I bought.


I see that you take your DE with probiotics, the DE won't take away from them?


We dose:


meds at 7 am


leaves for the day to a day center.

they give supps at 11 am

and then probiotics at 1 pm


comes home at 3:30


will dose zeolite then


meds again at 6 pm


supps again at 7:30


magnesium for sleep at 9 pm


probiotics again at 10 then bed


So therefore I figure I could only get it in once a day...1 scoop


thank you



oh..called for theHouttuynia from 1st Chinese herbs but they are all out...is there another brand I could buy...powder or capsules.

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Maybe you could dose zeolite at the day center at 9:00 am or so.


WoodLandEssence carries a tincture:




Which may be easier to dose when starting out with lower amounts.


The PlumFlower brand is available, however we generally order the NuHerbs brand so I can't comment on that. Were you able to contact them to see when the NuHerbs would be available? Often it doesn't take long for them to restock.


This site carries capsules:




and double strength capsules:




Herxing on houttuynia was significant for DD. Ticcing, anxiety attacks, palpitations, shin pain. Be careful not to start with too much, or not to ramp too quickly. We are holding at 1/4 tsp infused powder TID. No way could we (myself included) get to Buhner's recommended doses.

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