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Lifeway Kefir not telling the truth - article


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I think I would like to hear both sides to this as some of the statements in this article are rather broad? It may be accurate....but then again, it may be alarmist. Again, I think I would like to see a response from Lifeway before passing judgement


We have tried all other keirs on the market in our area, and Lifeway is by far the best and the only one that shows clear results for my son re his Crohn's

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I received a reply from Lifeway.



Thanks for contacting Lifeway! Unfortunately the blog post written by Dairy Carrie is not a reputable source of information, or an accurate portrayal of Lifeway Foods. All Lifeway products are rBST/rBGH free, as well as pesticide free. We stand by all of our labels. Dairy Carrie's farm does not supply milk to Lifeway foods, and thus she is not qualified to make these claims.


Please let me know if you have any further questions.


I have used their products for a long time now and also know they are the kind of company that would not risk their reputation or their actual business by making false claims.


I would suggest that anyone else wanting to contact them do so via their website (you can call them or email)


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Dairy Carrie's claim that they are in fact, a supplier to Lifeway is what makes the argument a compelling one. So, she says they supply to Lifeway. Lifeway says they do not. He said/she said? I just wonder why such a claim (on Dairy Carrie's) part would even exist? What benefit could she possibly have? The benefit to Lifeway denying it is certainly clear.

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perhaps she is affiliated with another rival company?


Lifeway stands to lose a lot by making false claims and not telling the truth aboput their product labelling and ingredients could shut them down. So risking their business for something like this just is not what I think they would do......



but at the end of the day, only they and she know who is telling the truth and who is not I guess.

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