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Hopping tic - please help

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Hello -


I've posted many times. My 12 year old DD has TS and has gone through multiple tics. We are doing everything - essential oils, magnesium, taurine, epsom salts, gluten free, dairy free, organic, CBT. The tics wax and wane as to be expected. Her eye rolling tic has gotten worse and gradually she has been developing a tic/OCD behavior with her right foot - she drags it sometimes and a few days ago starting hopping occasionally. Today, after breakfast, she won't walk. She can only hop on one foot. Cannot put her foot down. Please help.





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Hope this tic wanes quickly Jane. It is hard when there are tics that interfere with regular functioning, especially when they are the Tourettic OCD ones.

All you can do is keep doing the good stuff and maybe also keep a journal to try to indentify tic triggers.

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