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Found 9 results

  1. My son developed a new tic over the weekend and I don't know what to do about it. It's mild but it is hard for me to not see. His chest goes up and down in short repeated spurts when he is reading or watching his iPad. He says it doesn't bother him but I'm wondering what I should do. It seems like his tics move (if that makes sense). It first started with blinking, moved on to breathing, and now this. It seems that one replaces the other. He is being treated with long term antibiotics, received IVIG last summer, and on supplements. He also had T&A this past November. I can't say he has been 100% tic free - he has week(s) where he will be tic-free and then a short flare that seems to go away. This one, bothers me though. He is doing great otherwise. Gained some weight since IVIG (though he's now 8 and wears size 6-7 clothes) and can focus, handwriting is great and he loves school. I just don't want to go off-track again and wondering .. what should I do? I did give him a dose of motrin. thanks!
  2. Hi there, my eight-year-old son has been ticking since he was two. We've tried some diet changes (gluten free, low sugar, only grass fed dairy) and some supplements. Sometimes these changes seem to work. Sometimes they don't. Can't find a decisive pattern. I've done a bit of research on TMJ doctors who have been able to stop or reduce tics on people with TS using a dental appliance. Jump on YouTube and you'll see for yourself. The main doctors posting on YouTube are Dr. Stack, Dr. Brown (they work together) and Dr. Sims, who per some posts on this forum, was trained by Dr. Garcia (third party account). I'm not advocating that this is going to work for everyone with TS, but I'd like to give it a shot with my kid. These three doctors are out of state. Dr. Garcia, however, works out of Tampa, Florida, which is 30 minutes from where we live. Wondering if anyone has had any personal experience with Dr. Garcia and the device he created. If you could share, I (and my son) would appreciate it very much. Please ping me personally here within the forum if you'd prefer. Thanks so much in advance, James
  3. Hi there everyone! I'm so happy to have found this forum. I have an 8 year old son who has had tics on and off since about 3 years old. He doesn't fit into the Tourette's diagnosis and I was always told by his Drs. that he'd grow out of his tics, but they're still here! He's had strep a few times and I'm taking him to the dr. soon to talk more about PANDAS. My question is: He has taken antibiotics a couple of times since the tics started, could it still be PANDAS? I don't know if some antibiotics only target certain areas or if any antibiotics that he's taken should have wiped out the strep infection if that's what is causing his tics. Thank you so much for any information!
  4. I am so glad I found this forum. I hope someone can help me with my quiestions. My 7 yrs old son has tics. They started as blinking when he was in kindergarden. Then they stoped for a while and came back when he started school. We hoped they would go away again, but the opposite happened. He now has other tics. He opens his mouth a lot, nearly all of the time. He rises his eye-brown, does someting with his head/neck and he makes an r-sound. We are trying to be gluten and milk-free, not using artificial colouring etc. He takes vitamines, specially magnesium etc. It doesen`t seem to help. Not so far. We are waiting for appointment with a doctor. But these last weeks he has been complaining about pain in his mouth, neck and upper back. This pain is really troubling him. I ask him if it`s real pain or if it`s just that he feels uncomfortable. He says it`s pain. It makes him angry and easily irritated. We have almost stopped doing homework because it`s to hard for him. It may be he find it hard to explain exactly what he is feeling. But is it normal to have pain because of tics? Is pain normal for people with Tourette? I wil be thankfull for any advice and answere to my question. Anne Linn
  5. My daughter began with a cough/throat clearing "tic" we believe after she had a cold/ear infection about 2 months ago. The "cough" never really went away. Instead it became a noticeable, odd "cough, clearing". I assumed she was dealing with allergies since she was doing it repetitively/daily and it was exactly around spring time. After about six weeks I took her to the pediatrician who said it was a tic and to follow up after getting an x-ray to rule out an obstruction in her throat. No obstruction and I am waiting to take her to see her normal pediatrician as well as our naturopath and an allergist. After reading everything online, I realize that this is in fact a vocal tic. I've been taking notes on when she does it most, how long, etc...but I am in a complete panic. She is a normal, amazing little 2 and a half year old and I am devastated by her developing a possible life disorder. It literally appeared out of thin air. There are no family histories of tics/tourettes/behavioral disorders. She is a bit sensitive and has the normal toddler melt downs from time to time but there is literally nothing else alarming. Can someone shed some light on what else I can do to prepare myself for the road ahead? Other than the doctors I mentioned above, should I be making an appointment to take her to a specialist? I'm concerned our general pediatrician isn't going to have the correct knowledge to direct us appropriately. Any advice from someone who has gone through this with a young child or had similar experiences would be hugely appreciated right now. -teary eyed, worried Mom over here.
  6. It has been three weeks since we came back from Hong Kong. My 5 year old son's tics increased a lot during travel- grimaces of all kinds, neck turnings, shoulder shrugging, eyes blinking and itchiness and arms moving.. In HK, my parent's house has mold on wallpaper, dust mites, TV/ipad and eating MSG food every day... Since we came back, we made many changes and I am glad to say his tics decrease by 50%. Here are the changes we made: 1) 100% dairy free 2) Gluten free except in my organic soy sauce 3) MSG and other artificial additives cut 90% 3) Use dust mite proof casings on pillows and mattress in his bedroom 4) carpet at bedroom was washed at the time we were in HK and I now vacuum three times a week and dust on alternate days and wash all sheets twice a week and install a non-ionized air purifier at bedroom. 5) No use of centralized heat nor A/C (since ducts are not cleaned till October), open window every days. 6) Take papayaenzyme before meals 7) has enough sleep 11 hours a day 8) Cut electronic devices to half an hour every 3 days. As the result, his tics, (esp neck tic, burping and finger drawing in the air tic) when performing tasks like speaking and playing reduces by 60-70%. He still tics a lot when reading quietly and watching ipad and TV and iphone. We went to see GI, PED and traditional allergist lately. PED ran some blood work since I begged her to and results showed he has high Vitamin B a bit, low on Gamma Vitamin E but good range at other vitamin E. NO deficiency in Magnesium, and shows a bit low globulin, but other proteins are good (PED and allergist didn't think this low globulin is any issue, allergist said it may not be measured correctly in the test). Stool test is not back yet and skin test showed NO allergy at all... My gut is dust mite and dairy really trigger him more tics. I read about the blood test to test for sensitivities and delayed allergy but the allergist said they are NOT valid tests at all... What do you recommend me to do next??? I really think more tests need to be done. Also, should all bedding be 100% cotton? The dust mite proof duvet cover is not 100% cotton? Sorry, maybe it is not important, I don't know. Barbara
  7. Hi everyone, I thought I should share my story now as it is really starting to affect me physically and emotionally after having 'tic's for between 5-10 years now which I always assumed would stop them selves. However, at the age of 22, they are really affecting my lifestyle. From as far back as I can remember, I have always been fidgety, whereby I would tense either side of my neck, twitch (clench) my buttox or raise my eyebrows (which all occurred at different times and varied in the amount I would do one or the other). The main issue today is my raising of the eyebrows though, which is the main problem affecting my day to day life. I have this constant feeling I need to tense them together (in the middle) which I have no counteracted with (what is hard to explain) a twitch whereby I use the muscles above my ears to pull my skin/muscle back which provides the same satisfaction. This satisfaction I believe is to reduce the tension from the constant headache I have from the minute I wake up till the second I sleep. This problem is affecting me physically as I believe this twitch of the raised eyebrows has reshaped my brow-bone whereby I dislike looking at myself in the mirror/pictures now because it looks like I have caused this facial change. The next problem is the fact it is constantly causing me headaches and worry which has affected my university studies! I did previously get referred to a neurological hospital many years ago which did not achieve any results, however a year ago I did get referred again for a botox injection in my forehead which unfortunately did not work, and due to my studies I did not follow it up. I have since been back to the GP and been forwarded to get this procedure as the first time did not work properly (GP believed they didnt use enough/put it in the correct place). I have used the internet to try find solutions which has recently resulted me in increasing my magnesium levels, however it has still not helped! I do hope anyone has some advise for me or if anyone has been through the same could help me solve these tics (if they are even tics!) Regards, Andy
  8. Hello - I've posted here several times and got great advice with good results - for the past two weeks my DD's TS has reduced by about 80% and she went to school a full day for 4 days - a first since early January. Thank you! But now she has a new tic - the awful eye roll. She is so uncomfortable - headaches constantly, out of school 2nd day now, can't possibly concentrate on schoolwork. I read that eliminating dairy can help, as well as magnesium. She was dairy free but we had her on a Kefir probiotic drink and were getting lazy with dairy - having cheese, etc. So I cut that all 100% yesterday. Also started her on 1 tsp Calm magnesium. She had not tolerated this well before but trying again. Also has seasonal allergies that affect her eyes - the tic kicked in right when the pollen started. I saw lots of posts about dairy and magnesium helping - can anyone please tell me their long-term results with the eye rolling tic? How long after eliminating dairy did you see results? Did it come back? Please, any thoughts would be so helpful to me! Thank you!
  9. Hello - I've posted many times. My 12 year old DD has TS and has gone through multiple tics. We are doing everything - essential oils, magnesium, taurine, epsom salts, gluten free, dairy free, organic, CBT. The tics wax and wane as to be expected. Her eye rolling tic has gotten worse and gradually she has been developing a tic/OCD behavior with her right foot - she drags it sometimes and a few days ago starting hopping occasionally. Today, after breakfast, she won't walk. She can only hop on one foot. Cannot put her foot down. Please help.
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