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Myco P without a cough? Ever?


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Hello- I don't want to make this long-


My dd has never had a Myco titer pulled- never coughed in her life really, either, although dx'd w/ 'lung infection' at age 3 via a chest x-ray at an ER visit for a bladder infection.


She's been off all antibiotics and treating herbs for a long while now- no prophylactic.

Younger dd, non- PANS, gets lung infection/ wicked cough 3 1/2 weeks ago. 5 day Z-pack did not clear it, now younger non- PANS dd on treatment dose Ceftin for 2 weeks to try and clear her lungs/ low grade fever.


Meanwhile, my PANS dd flared- increase OCD, cannot settle, and we've had brain fog type going on for awhile....but don't know if that's her 'normal'. She has no outward illness symptoms and no pain.

So, I had leftover Biaxin script of hers from LLMD treatment, (not expired) and start PANS dd on Biaxin at treatment dose, and,


Wow! Improvement in 1 day- happier, engaged, calmer, more content- no herx really- a Wow (it is day 3-4)


Sooooo--- why? Could it be Lyme killing, putting it in cyst form? Strep killing, Bartonella, Myco P?

Can you be infected with Myco P and never cough or have runny nose?


I welcome any input, and thank you.

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Yep, my son just tested positive for current mycoP IGM infection. My PANS dd had elevated IGG, so I thought I should have son tested for mycoP, even though he has absolutely NO physical symptoms of it at all. No cough, no sniffles. Strange as it is, this seems to be very common, not only with mycoP, but strep and the like. Oh, and PANS dd didn't have any physical symptoms, either. She seems to test positive for everything, though.


So glad to hear your dd is feeling better!

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My son had low myco titers and I was very high. Neither of us has any symptoms. He is already on abx. When I started getting treated his behavior improved and then when we checked his blood work, (every 6 weeks) and his titers finally went down after over a year. I encourage all family members to test.

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I would test her mycoplasma titers immediately and maintain antibiotics until she stabilizes with improvement... potentially 3 weeks if you have enough Biaxin then take her off and see how long it takes her to regress.


As you know, if she regresses within a few days to a week it is more likely she is still dealing with Bartonella. If its approximately a month then more likely still dealing with Lyme. For mycoplasma, I would track direction of titers either IgG/IgM if she has them and retest when off antibiotics and if she regresses.


At the end of my antibiotics treatment we went down to just Moxatag and I was able to maintain improvements. Now that I am completely off antibiotics we plan pulse antibiotics when needed to treat anything that resurfaces.

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Thank you--


We've been through so much treatment over the years (preaching to the choir, I know)


But I am shocked with this improvement with Biaxin as mono therapy. Maybe it's because there was so much bacteria floating around? :-(

It reminds me of the very first time she did Azithromycin, at age 5, huge WOW, but then regressed on it at 4 weeks.

That started our whole PANS then Lyme journey.

She's had so much Azith., she now seems immune to it/ not helpful.


I prepared my DH (who obviously also sees the improvement)

we may be heading back to the LLMD for her...

it's hard to know the right thing to do, but with this advancement (fingers crossed to hold) I guess the answer is in front of me.

But she is famous for regressions/ things no longer working or holding.

But to see her content: is gold.


Thanks again.

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Yep, no symptoms with Strep or Mycoplasma P. I can say there was as "letting down" of mucous after being on zithromax for a couple weeks. Not sure where it came from. But neuro-psychiatirc stuff with low grade fevers...always less than 99.5.


Had IgM and IGG titers when this whole adventure started. No symptoms....however titers for acute IgM were 5.9 H with pos being greater than 0.9.....guess what the H stands for?????

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My Dr only tested IGG titers but they were so high he said I must be IGM positive. My DS IGG titers were 5x higher. Our Dr. treats any titers over 4 fold. He says this is how he was trained in the 70's. He said the CDC changed the rules in the 80's and I have met Dr.'s who say they don't mean anything. How come as the titers are treated they drop and also we have a drop in behavior! Think this is a major clue being ignored in Autism! I think PANDAS/PANS is a Venn Diagram with Autism.

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It is a common misconception that Mycoplasma is a lung disease. In reality, mycoplasma can live in many different body systems. Therefore, you do not need to have respiratory symptoms to have mycoplasma infection. Do your research on mycoplasma. It is a very tricky stealth pathogen much like lyme and can hide out and remain dormant for years before activating. As far as treatment, it is very difficult to get rid of. We have been treating my kids for nearly 3 years. My son's titers went into the normal range only to rise again nearly a year later. His LLMD said that isn't unusual for mycoplasma because it is very hard to truly get rid of. My daughters titers are dropping but her last titers a few weeks ago had gone back up again.


You should definately check titers and treat aggresively if positive. Biaxin was the first antibiotic that we saw results with for my daughter.



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We have never tested DD for MycoP, although my husband develops respiratory symptoms every winter, returns positive and is given 4 days of biaxin. If he relapses he is given 7. No use going overboad treating! Got to love our PCP.


DD was treated with biaxin/rifampin for 1.5 years for lyme/bart and is now using Buhner's bartonella/babesia protocol - which would of course address mycoplasma as well. The herbal constituents are very broadly acting. She has never had a cough, but as dedee mentioned the infection does not necessarily effect only the lungs. Buhner lists different herbal protocols to address the possible symptom presentations:


Urinary tract, cervical dysplasia, lung infection, severe anemia or RBC lysis, hemoplasma or intracellular RBC infection, brain/CNS involvement, nerve destruction, neural pain, fatigue, joint involvement, wasting.


Stephen Buhner - Healing Lyme Coinfections: Complementary and Holistic Treatments for Bartonella and Mycoplasma


I'm glad to hear you are finding further improvement for your DD.

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