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Although my dd has no stomach upset unless she is sick, I requested a H. Pylori test and it was positive. (I requested this after reading about H.Pylori causing psychiatric issues.)


Like many of you, she tends to test positive for all kinds of stuff, although is asymptomatic physically and suffers mentally. I'm guessing the H. Pylori and other gut issues are causing her autoimmune issues and food sensitivities.


My questions would be - have any of you treated for H.Pylori and seen diminishment of intrusive thoughts or OCD? (She has multiple other problems, but just wondering if anyone had seen progress with H. Pylori treatment.)


Should the whole family be tested? I've had IBS my whole life, and a "pre-ulcer" when I was in my 20's, but no one tested me for anything. Now I'm wondering if it was actually H. Pylori.

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Hello - just seen this thread, having returned to the forum after a long gap, and thought I'd dig it up as this is something I've been wondering about.


I've never actually been tested for H. pylori, but a nutritionist I saw a while ago suggested it might be the reason I have no appetite. It's really annoying; I often get to the definitely-low-blood-sugar stage and really need something to eat, but my stomach still feels really full and I can't face eating anything. I don't have any other H. pylori symptoms, though.


Does that sound likely to any of you? Is it worth getting tested? And as searching_for_help said, have any of you found that dealing with H. pylori has helped with other (mental) symptoms?

Thanks very much,


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