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Turning off microglial activation?

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If you read the links on the posts from Rachel and Rowingmom in Glutamate supplements, Kynurenic Acid, and Autism, PANDAS being Low Grade Encephalitis, it will talk about the microglial activation.


If I remember, (not the best) from talks at the UCI PANDAS conference these effect the astrolytes and neurotransmitters. My takeaway was our kids brains are not permanently damaged just inflamed. Maybe that is why some kids are now "off" the spectrum.


My question to you is how? Who?

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<<My question to you is how? Who?>>


Do you mean which doctor and how does she intend to accomplish this?


It is an integrative neurologist in The Bronx, NY, Dr S-K.


I have to set up an a phone call so that we can discuss her ideas, just figured I'd ask here since I don't have an appt yet : )



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Curious to the how. The links connected most of my dots for the why.


Some of the links are like reading medical grad work, but others will give you the gist of it which may help with your phone call. Sounds pretty exciting. Good Luck and keep us posted.

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