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Long story short but very scary and still wondering. I went in for a urine test bc was getting pressure in bladder and more frequent and urgent need to urinate. Urine came back positive for Mrsa!!! Okay drag my kids in in with in hours of results and they are negative thank god! But dh comes bad positive and doctor says he may be a carrier ! My worries about strep seam long gone and would rather go back to those days not really but seriously !!! I am showing clear now after 10 day course but we are awaiting dh result! What scares me is after the first positive result she said there is nothing to really do with a carrier. We usually don't treat unless he has symptoms. Doctors kill me bc seriously I have two kids and wait and see is wounds do not spread to Mrsa! When you sit and wonder how can things get worst caboom hear we go!!! Cross fingers and hope dh is okay bc stress comes my way.


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