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Tourettes and Histamine...and methylation


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Toaks - I don't have any experience with histadine but Walsh/Pfeiffer & co. advise using folinic acid, B12 (probably hydroxy form for overmethylators) and niacin to try to increase histamine. They advise avoiding Vitamin C, since C is an antihistamine. But in cold/flu season with a PANS kid, I'm still going to give C. Just starting my experiment of using these to see if the tic improves. Too soon to tell yet.

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I came across that same article citing an HDC gene defect as cause of Tourettes. Has anyone else tried increasing histamine levels? What were the effects - good/bad?

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Also, how do we know if this means histamine levels are to be increased OR decreased? That's what I have a hard time interpreting from the findings.


Btw, that's interesting to hear vit c is an antihistamine. Wonder if that explains why my anxiety levels mysteriously increase whenever I attempt to add a vit c supp! Taking vit c I had thought was supposed to help w anxiety and not increase it. But maybe in my case this is why?

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