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  1. I agree with finding another Dr. who can help with Lyme, yet also support you with other types of medicines (anti-anxiety, anti-depressives, etc. at least temporarily). You don't deserve to suffer like this, no matter what the underlying issue is - and it sounds like what you're experiencing imho IS significant OCD with anxiety and depression. I've been here too, trust me, and the longer I waited to get on medicine (anti-anxiety, anti-depressants, etc.), the longer it took to get to a much healthier place to where I could better handle the issues at hand.
  2. I've wondered about this supplement too! Don't really want to spend the money on more supplements unless I know it's as good as it claims to be. Does the practitioner that recommended it to you have others taking it? Would he/she be willing to reach out to them and ask if they'd be willing to talk to you about their experience with it??
  3. Agree - total crap to portray a serious illness/issue in such an elementary way. Glad to see Diana's response!!
  4. That's so sad! I'm curious to know how the rest of this episode goes...how does it end?
  5. I completely agree with MomWithOCDSon. It's not like anyone wants to be in this situation, but it is what it is, for now. If that means you need to keep him and your family safe, then medicine might be appropriate and as a temporary measure. I used to deal with tremendous OCD and finally found relief with appropriate psych rx's. I was so afraid of having to get on them, but my life would surely be different (worse) for me now had I not decided it was time to put my ego aside and get the help I needed (speaking for myself only here). I hope this helps you, your son, and family ((((hugs)))).
  6. Totally understand this...my DS10 is nearly the same. Although I'm not sure he's PANDAS, but does show some signs of OCD. It's frustrating for sure.
  7. So sorry your family, and esp your daughter, are going through this. I imagine she must be very scared inside, not understanding what's going on, etc. I am an adult with possible late adolescent onset PANS. Hard to know for sure in my case. For your daughter, what kind of bloodwork/tests are being done??
  8. 1. Likely a drop in efficacy of the med(s) - needing now a higher dose and/or augmentation with diff meds. 2. Any additional stressors? School/life balance?? My two cents
  9. Hi Wombat140, I have read everything you've written and have tried to help...I'm sorry I don't have a good answer for you, and hope you find the help/answers you need. (((hugs)))
  10. Hi Wombat140! Sorry to hear this is still upsetting you, but it's understandable (unfortunately). Did the suggestions I gave you help at all? Have you recorded yourself repeating the word and listening to it?? I can tell right now the OCD has its stronghold on you with this word. I don't mean to diminish it's power over you in any way, nor do I want to make it seem like it's an insurmountable task to get through/over. You have to start somewhere - what are you thinking of trying?? Take baby steps here, and build your way up. ((hugs))
  11. Hi Wombat140, I'm not sure why ERP is more suggested than CBT. I've had both. Might be a good idea for you to research ERP on Youtube. So, let's say my current OCD fear is of being gay. ERP therapy would say to look at pictures (not porn!) of two same sex individuals walking together, reading a love story about a gay couple, etc. The idea behind it is to desensitize you to your fear. So, with your "word", you might consider recording yourself saying the word, repeatedly, and then playing it back to yourself throughout the day. Lmk if any questions - I hope this helps you!!
  12. Hi Wombat140, I deal w severe OCD/anxiety (actually just got DBS for it), but the best way I know how to approach word fears are to specifically expose yourself to the fear itself. That's the idea behind ERP therapy. Let me know if I can help further!
  13. Wombat140 - yes, I've dealt with this too (especially fear of the color red, which is my favorite color)! If u can't go down the med route, I'd highly suggest treatment with a therapist trained in ERP (exposure response prevention).
  14. Chocolate - only thing I can think of for that is the craving for magnesium and an endorphin release?
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