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dr. michael goldberg, Tarzana, ca.


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I haven't been posting in a long time but I just wanted to warn families that are considering seeing Dr. Goldberg in Tarzana, ca.

We were under his care for two and a half years with absolut no result. He has no idea how to deal with Pans/Pandas/ autism. He just prescrisbes Meds and doesn't understand the consequesces of this meds on the body. stay away from him, he will not deliver but you will be spending a fortune.

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Jaklo, I am sorry you have not had luck with DR. Goldberg. He saved my DS with PANDAS life. He had lost 35lbs in 2 months with eating issues and severe OCD. We took him to the hospital that originally diagnosed him 6 years prior to this terrible flare. They no longer "believed", refused blood work and gave us parenting lessons. By the time we saw Dr.G he had had 3 infections and life threatening allergies for 5 months. My DS was no longer able to do school work and was getting D's and F's. it took 5adults to draw the blood work. Most Drs with a wait list would of said good bye.


My DS is an A student again except for Math, participates in school activities, regained his weight in muscle, no longer has OCD thoughts raging and has his confidence back. We are still on medication but have been stable for over 2 years with no flare even when friends are sick.


Dr. G might not have all the pieces of the puzzles and I would like to eventually get off the medications that is why I am here but I do feel he very knowledgable and passionate for our kids.

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