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We have purchased a near-ir sauna for just the reason you mention - DD doesn't have much of a fever response. When she was still sick, any time she would develop a slight fever her PANS symptoms would decline significantly and mental functioning would improve. But once the fever had resolved her symptoms would return. The fever response obviously had some effect on her PANS reactions. If you google fever response there is quite a bit of information on activation of the immune system.


Since we have weaned from abx, and would like to continue on a more natural path, sauna made sense to me. I chose near-ir because you can generate the same temperatures with little of the EM exposure you get from far-ir. There is also some skin penetration of energy (like far-ir), although whether it is to the same extent as far-ir, IDK.


We haven't set it up yet, and probably won't until the weather gets colder. One thing - when I mentioned to the manufacturer that I was ordering it for our daughter (I will probably spend a bit of time in there in the winter too :) ), he told me that younger children (before puberty) do not have the sweat response that adults usually have. There can, therefore, be some danger of them overheating. He suggested that I take DD's temperature intermittently while she is using it.

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Thank you for your reply very encouraging and helpful.I use the dry sauna now regular heat at160-170 for 20 minutes I do get a temp elevation to 102 and I cool shower after but it makes me feel better less pain and stiffness. Thought it might help ds. I would have to purchase one for home use as mine is at the gym.

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