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  1. Decreased mental function and clarity no interest in anything due to not feeling well
  2. I have constant thick mucus in my throat and I take 1200 musinexwith decongestant twice a day many months and gargle listerine and salt water
  3. I will research ozone also thank you so much for all of the thought ful replys I am doing tumeric, fish oil.stephania and buhner protocol to help with pain and inflammation I used nsaids for six months until I couldn't tolerate them gi pain and switched to tumeric it is not as good as naproxen ibuprofen but helps some but really have pain all the time and irritability which as we all know is not helpful when caring for our dear children with the stamina and patience it requires
  4. I have not looked at mold I have a constant sore throat red for about 4 yrs facial numbness better on abx almost gone after 1yr on multiple oral abx face bones hurt though Ear pressure eye pressure blurring constant head neck ache since last August ID blood workup negative Babesia tx mepron azith bactrim many months bedridden slept 20 hrs a day Slight bump better less fatigue with stopping mepron and lymph node pain stopped after 10 months Feel like babesia still there tx with herbals in addition to abx air hunger sweats Just was igm positive for lyme and babesia and Mycoplasma Thyroid labs negative Ana- Bladder issues feels like uti but cultures - in abx Severe constipation Thank you all for your help I just find it interesting that steroids take away headache and I feel a lot better less pain and fatigue on them Sore throat remains on steroids But I get slightly better and regress to better than I was upon stopping them
  5. Any parents get well after lyme/babesia abx not effextive utilzing steroids and ivig that would be willing to talk answer questions I improve on steroids dramatically.how often can u do steroids why can't we use them frequently Please feel free to comment, suggest reading, ect. I know steroids and lyme bad but I have persistent sinus infection severe Wonder if sinus surgery tonsilectomy would be helpful Thank you for your comments and thoughts!
  6. Not exactly minimal experience with erp but the whole idea and premise of the book is gaging on worms so I thought it might fit to assist with exposure as the boy feels ill like vomiting after eating them and it is a running theme in the book so possibly helpful if u tackle erp in future but I have no experience in this area only suggested because of the helpful experienced parents comments above and it rang a bell I am pleased when I read the thread at what excellence parents are in this group! Also when my son is not well turning on the closed captioning on tv makes me feel better and may help reading
  7. How to eat fried worms there is also a movie if you choose erp this maybe of interest
  8. If on computer tumblebooks has picture books and more my kids loved these they highlight words and read books to the child some librarys and schools subscribe but my kids loved the variety and its perfect if reading on computer with high speed internet
  9. Matt Christopher is a series my son is hooked about kids in various sports also the choose you own adventure series Shiloh series about a dog sad though there's a movie, 20, 000 leagues inder the sea, ronald dahl books charlie and chocolate factory and most by ronald dahl Clemetine series Watching cartoon libertys kids led to interest in war president ben franklin miltiary books Likes magic schoolbus cartoon and there is a series of these books
  10. Thank you for your reply very encouraging and helpful.I use the dry sauna now regular heat at160-170 for 20 minutes I do get a temp elevation to 102 and I cool shower after but it makes me feel better less pain and stiffness. Thought it might help ds. I would have to purchase one for home use as mine is at the gym.
  11. In our children who do not get fevers with illness would sauna be helpful during flares or randomly? My child is 8 dx pans lyme myco babesia Thank you for any thoughts?
  12. I was going to IM u directly you have helped us so much I am proficient in this area if you have questions he is an hour away from us worth the trip Weidig trained Galloway who is in marlton, NJ who doesn't take insurance but will print you a bill to submit. I have seen many but Weidig has helped us and is far superior to all others he is old school in the therapy approach but gets results I have tried many over the yrs due to the hour drive and will see no others.
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