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I took my son to a birthday pary yesterday afternoon and gave in and let him have some mini pies and sausage rolls and a piece of birthday cake well within the hour he had all these body tics he has never had before. someone at the party was also spraying insect spray. When we got him home i immediately popped him in a epsom salt bath and gave him his second lot of multi vitamin and bowel digest. he also had to go to the toilet for number 2's and said he had a tummy ache.

The tics he started at the pary have now dissapeared.


We have been on a gluten free, low lactose (full dairy free this week) no colours, preservatives and low sugar diet now for about 6 weeks. so my question is would food really bring on a reaction that quickly? We are also dealing with candida/leaky gut so would this impact the quick reaction also? It sure did show me just how important diet etc is.


Next question for those that have had to deal with candida i'm wondering what kind of differences you noticed once the condition was dealt with? ie: generally better wellbeing, tic improvement, willing to eat better and less sugar/carb cravings etc....


Also a question on vocal tics. My son only has very mild motor tics but the vocal one has stuck around changing in severity for about 8 weeks now. He is getting l-carnitine (100mg) and taurine (500mg) in his multi since i upped his dose which i've heard can help. After last weekend when he had a far bit of cheese and his daily lactose free yogurt his vocal increased again this week passed so i decided to do this week completely dairy free! Well the vocal has come right back down to just a handful of times a day, Has anyone found a connection before dairy and vocal tics?


Any opinions would be greatly appreciated :)

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Short answer...yes, those "offensive" foods will bring on a reaction that quickly. The more sensitive the child's system, the faster the reaction. Also, when they have been avoiding triggering foods and then get exposed to even a tiny amount, a big reaction can occur.


I am beyond shocked that someone was using an insecticide spray around kids and food at a party!!!!!! My son would react to just walking into a room that had been treated hours before with pesticide!!!


The difference before and after candida treatment was phenomenal for us...not just my son but our whole family. We used Candida Clear by NOW as well as dietary restrictions. Our doctor did not like Nystatin or diflucan etc, but recommended the natural herbs etc that are found in candida clear, which includes capryllic acid...


as an aside.....I wish they wouldn't call it "yeast" as it is so confusing for some people...candida isn't even a true yeast but a different kind of fungus.....


We have a number of anecdotal reports here about dairy increasing tics for many kids, including increased voacl tics

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Thank Chemar for the response, It certainately has shown me that we are on the right track diet wise. We have no dr's diagnosis of the candida just from our natropath who did iridology and i dont like my chances of finding a dr willing to work with us in our area but i will keep trying.


He is currently just on a bowl digest that she says helps repair the bowl/stomach connection then wants to put him on Candaplex, i'm not sure if its just a product for Australia but it has almost all the ingredietns the same as the Candida clear except for the one you mentioned :/ I will have to research that.


Heres a link to the ingredients in the one she plans to use if someone can take a look for me.






Also a quick question about epsom salt baths, Is there any danger in doing them nightly for a 6.5yr old especially during the more intense weeks? i'm doing 2 cups in a bath for 20mins

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the ingredients in Candida Clear are a lot more comprehensive imo, especially with the capryllate which is considered a major candida buster, but also the other factors as well See the main list as well as the other ingredients)



The product you mention appears part homeopathic/ part herbal so may be beneficial but lacks a number of the important ingredients in the Candida Clear

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Ok thankyou i will take a look and talk to our Natropath about it.



One thing that is doing my head in is this candida diet!!!


Dr Bruce semons book uses potatoes, pumpkin and other google pages say no starchy vegies, Then he doesnt use cinnamon and coconut but google searches say they are 2 of the biggest helpers in beating candida. Also he says no nuts but other candida diets have an allowable nut list. I'm sooooooo confused about what i'm feeding my son which is already super limmited due to him always being very fussy :(

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