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Low Cam Kinase but still has PANDAS?

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I think a steroid burst before taking the test can result in a muted cam kinase number.


I think my daughter's number was around 155, it was a while ago though, so I'm not sure.....she had taken a massive steroid burst about a month before the test, which lasted about a month. Her ultimate diagnoses were Pandas and Sydenham's chorea, but her symptoms were almost always more chorea like than Pandas. I think you also have to look at the dopamine receptor antigens? information also.

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Does anyone have a low Cam Kinase number, but still have PANDAS?


Here comes a probable unpopular opinion...

Yes..low but not normal, IMO can still indicate pandas.

i don't understand how saying that out of range but low is not pandas.

how from 5-10 indicates X 10-15 indicates Y and 15-20 indicates Z...

out of range is out of range...

indicating inflamation,infection,autoimunity,or a disconnect of some sort..

how can you say what condition it is based on how high it is???

i would hate to leave a child out based on this odd way of reading one particular number.


prior to first reading...ds was taking alot of taurine.

ds first read...was 106..epressing pandas in form of tics...not is full flare...norm or mean was 85

ds second read ..around 168 ...alot of tics in full flare...

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